Photography from: Practical training | Higher Technician in Travel Agencies and event management
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Practical training
Call for applications: September 2021

Practical training

CETT-UB offers upper vocational training studies which respond to a modern , personalized teaching methodology focused on the practical aspect, where the Applied Technology Rooms, the Technical Rooms together with our own hands-on training companies play an essential role.

The technical classrooms

**Reception Room – Amadeus Room –Computer Rooms **

CETT school is equipped with a number of specialized technical rooms supplied with the latest reference software for administration management in the sectors of tourism and hospitality. This allows to develop a specialized, updated training for each vocational study.

CETT Group's knowledge application companies

CETT-UB’s own hands-on training companies are a part of CETT Group but are run autonomously and offer , at the same time, work backgrounds where students gain real experience, can put into practise and enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge with the support of the professionals there, as they participate actively in the students’ training and perform an outstanding pedagogical role as tutors.

Hotel Alimara: Allows the students of Upper Vocational Training in Tourism Accommodation Management to take part in the management and operation of the reception, commercial, housekeeping and administration departments in a four star hotel located in Barcelona.

Viatges Century: A travel agency where, besides putting into practice the specific operation and management techniques, students can participate in the creation of new products, develop their commercial skills and relate them to the information technologies.

CETT Consultors: Consulting specialized in the field of Tourism and Hospitality made up by a team of professionals developing projects for companies and institutions as well as research tasks, where students can participate.

ÀGORA BCN International University Residence: Allows the students to take part in the operation and management of an accommodation business model in full expansion.