Photography from: Career options | Master in Hotel Management (taught in Spanish)
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Career options
Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management
Call for applications: October 2021

Career options

The career possibilities eligible to the participants in this master focus on positions and functions to be developed in the following departments of businesses, institutions and tourist destinations:

  • Director/Manager of companies or hotel groups: The figure of the hotel manager is comparable to the position of CEO or of an SME. In addition to managing the budget and coordinating the team, this executive is responsible for compliance with internal procedures, standards of quality and for the efficiency of operations.
  • Responsible for corporate departments of hotel chain: This figure’s main function focuses on the help and support offered to different business units of the hotel group.
  • Head of Hotel Division of Business Groups: Responsible for coordinating and monitoring the various hotel businesses belonging to an investment or corporative group.