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Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management
Call for applications: October 2021

Thanks to the Hotel Management Specialization taught 100% in english of the Official Master's Degree in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management you will obtain the necessary training to lead and manage hotel companies in the face of current changes.

At CETT-UB we are aware that the digital transformation, the 2030 agenda and its new environmental legislation, globalization or new trends in management are profoundly altering the foundations of companies and organizations in the hotel sector.

New opportunities are emerging for companies in the sector. Similarly, established hotel companies and organizations need new management profiles to adapt to this new context.

Do you want to be part of the change and lead hotel businesses in the process of adapting to the trends of the future?

With our Master's degree in hotel management, you will be able to guide companies successfully to:

  • Enjoy an education 100% in English and learn with students from all around the world
  • Design the strategic objectives of organizations and tourism accommodation companies.
  • Create hotel products and services in line with technological changes.
  • Understand new customer typologies.
  • Understand and overcome international competition.
  • Adapt and reinvent the hotel sector in the face of crises such as COVID-19.
  • Keep abreast of the latest trends in hotel management.
  • Contribute to improving the balance between hotel companies and their environment.
  • Discover more reasons to course this master.

Blended Mode
Besides, this study program has the advantage of being taught in face-to-face and blended mode. With the blended modality, you will complete 70 % of the course online and 30 % face-to-face. These face-to-face sessions will occur at the end of the academic year through an educational stay in Barcelona. Here you will interact with teachers, classmates and visit leading companies in the hotel sector. All this is part of a unique experience in Barcelona.

Methodolgy and Assesment

The Master's Degree has its own learning system in which you will be the center of the learning process. You will learn thanks to your active participation in the classroom through learning by doing and interaction among students, or own methodologies such as CBL and PBL.


The Specialization in Hotel Management of the Official Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management of the CETT-UB focuses on hotel business management's essential aspects. Thanks to Operations Management in Lodging, you will learn the operational dimension of the sector. Then you will deal with the strategic dimension, with subjects such as Marketing Management and Economic-Financial Management.


  • You will design memorable experiences to encourage customer loyalty.
  • We will accompany you from the direction and academic coordination of CETT-UB and guide you on your journey towards your personal and professional transformation.
  • Most of our students find jobs upon completion of the Master's degree or become self-employed.


  • The Master's program has English as the language of the course.
  • We want to reach an international and national audience.


  • It is the only Official Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management awarded by the University of Barcelona and CETT-UB with Hotel Management's specialization.
  • We believe in learning by doing so that you can apply your knowledge in real cases, projects with companies, or challenges from the teaching staff.
  • We are the only center with a Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management with its own hotel. The Hotel Alimara, a four-star hotel with 157 rooms.
  • This program is tailored to your needs: choose between two languages (English and Spanish), two modes of attendance (face-to-face or blended learning), two specializations (restaurant management and hotel management). Also, if you want, you can study the two specialties at the same time. Do not hesitate to ask!
  • Possibility of doing a doctorate.


  • You will be part of a new generation of leaders who integrate tools such as design thinking or the customer journey to lead high-performance teams and respond to the hotel sector's current challenges.
  • The master's degree in hotel management includes team building and soft skills programs, which will allow you to detect your weaknesses and enhance your strengths to generate a change that will allow you to get the most out of your management tasks.
  • An outdoor training program to enhance your skills and generate a change will allow you to get the most out of your management tasks.
  • You will create your professional network with experts in the tourism sector and with your peers to promote your professional career nationally and internationally. Moreover, CETT Alumni's unique network will allow you to connect with more than 19,000 industry professionals.


  • A unique teaching faculty with a renowned and proven career. In parallel, active professionals also participate and contribute their experience through case studies and the analysis of new business models.
  • In our program collaborate, among others, Alex Urgell, Revenue director of Hotel Arts and W Hotels; Esther Comin, former director of several luxury hotels in Barcelona; Esperanza Abascal, HR manager of Six Senses Spa, Hotels & Resorts.
  • During your training, you will visit events and companies in the sector such as Mandarin Oriental, W Hotels, or Pulitzer.
  • CETT-UB has more than 900 collaboration agreements with leading companies: Royal Caribbean, Mandarin Oriental, Melià, Compass, Six Senses Spa, Renaissance Barcelona Hotels, Axel Hotels, W Barcelona and Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona, among others.

What do our master students think?

Danilly Condori Lerpido
The teachers are professionals with a lot of experience
Danilly Condori Lerpido
Master in Hospitality Management, Catering Management Specialization
Jessica Peiffer
All our teachers are real professionals and it's fascinating to listen to their real life stories
Jessica Peiffer
Official Master in Hospitality Management Hotel Management Specialization


The general objective of the Hotel Management specialty of the Official Master's Degree in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management is to give you the knowledge and tools to be able to:

  • Extend the essential knowledge to guarantee your success in Hotel Management.
  • Provide the necessary tools and techniques for diagnosing current and future strategic challenges in the hotel sector.
  • Formulate competitive and sustainable long-term strategies.
  • Prepare you to know how to apply more effective management models based on digital transformation and sustainability.
  • Develop your professional, personal, and interpersonal skills necessary to assume leadership positions.
  • Make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalization to market and design hotel industry services.


The competencies you will develop are:

  • Design and implement commercial strategies for new business opportunities in the hotel sector.
  • Coordinate and lead the commercial activity in hotel companies.
  • Optimize economic, financial, and human resources.
  • Evaluate investments and make decisions on new projects, managing and controlling the associated risks.
  • Define the necessary policies in line with the strategic objectives of the project.
  • Develop digital skills for business management.
  • Identify, pose, or solve a problem in a relevant and creative way.
  • Be business-oriented.
  • Undertake innovative projects.
  • Exercise leadership.
  • Work in teams and multicultural environments.
  • To have an ethical commitment.


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face
Fòrum Gatronómic
Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face

Centro de recursos

Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face



In the first part, the Master's degree addresses the core subjects in the two specialties to lay the foundations of business management systems specific to the hotel and catering sector. In a second part, it allows specialization in business management through its two particular specialties:

pathway of the hotel management degree

This specialty focuses on understanding the world of catering from a business results-oriented perspective.

Learning takes place through a deep immersion in real cases of leading companies in the market, which provides a very accurate notion of the market and the current challenges.

Subjects such as Product and Service Innovation or Experience Management allow identifying customer needs in particular contexts. Other subjects such as Operations Management or Catering and Collectivities will teach you the latest technological tools to manage and make profitable gastronomic businesses or events.


The curriculum of the Official Master's Degree in Hotel and Catering Management has a duration of one academic year equivalent to one year.

The Hotel Management specialty is a program that responds to the tourism sector's need to attract and incorporate executive profiles. Executives with in-depth knowledge in management and business management to overcome the new dynamics of the accommodation sector.

It is aimed at all those who want to learn the latest techniques and trends or move up the career ladder. But at the same time, they need to improve their knowledge of the management, organization, and planning of accommodation businesses.

The Master's program focuses on four profiles:

  • Executives and professionals holding hotel management positions

The current context requires that professionals in the sector update their knowledge and professional skills. They must be up to date with the latest trends and tools in the hospitality sector.

  • Accommodation business owners and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and owners who wish to learn the ins and outs of managing and running lodging businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs

People with initiative interested in undertaking and developing projects in this sector. They want to know the keys to success in the hotel business, understand its risks and deepen their business management knowledge and direction.

  • University graduates

People with a university degree and a minimum of two years of experience who want to improve their careers and expand their professional contacts in the hotel industry.

Masters 2020

Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face
Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


Photography from: Master in Hotel Management thaught 100% english | CETT-UB | Face to face


This specialization, with a practical and professional approach, will allow you to develop your career in the following areas of work:

  • Public Administration
  • Travel Services & Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Industry & Operations
  • Marketing & Events
  • Gastronomy & Restaurant
  • Retail & Product
  • Technology
  • Museums, Institutions and Leisure
Cuales son los ámbitos laborales del master de restauración y hoteleria


The main professional opportunities are:

  • Managing director of hotel companies or groups.
  • Head of corporate departments in hotel chains.
  • Head of marketing in a hotel organization.
  • Hotel division manager in business groups.
  • Consultant or trainer for tourist accommodation companies.
  • Entrepreneur in the accommodation and catering sector.

What our alumni says

Isabel Baez
Isabel Baez
SEA Manager Central Europe at AccorHotels (Paris)
Jordi Noguera
Jordi Noguera
Executive Chef & Co-owner, Foc Restaurant (Singapore)
Natalia Mateu
Natalia Mateu
Project Management Office, The Sydney Opera House (Sydney)