Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english

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Hotel Management (taught in English)

Hotel Management (taught in English)

Specialization within Master's Degree in Hospitality Management
Call for applications: October 2024

Specialize in Hotel Management!

Thanks to the Hotel Management Specialization taught 100% in english of the Master's Degree in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management you will obtain the necessary training to lead and manage hotel companies in the face of current changes.

At CETT-UB we are aware that the digital transformation, the 2030 agenda and its new environmental legislation, globalization or new trends in management are profoundly altering the foundations of companies and organizations in the hotel sector.

New opportunities are emerging for companies in the sector. Similarly, established hotel companies and organizations need new management profiles to adapt to this new context.

Do you want to be part of the change in the hotel management model?

With our Master's degree in hotel management, you will be able to guide companies successfully to:

  • Enjoy an education 100% in English and learn with students from all around the world
  • Design the strategic objectives of organizations and tourism accommodation companies.
  • Create hotel products and services in line with technological changes.
  • Understand new customer typologies.
  • Understand and overcome international competition.
  • Adapt and reinvent the hotel sector in the face of crises such as COVID-19.
  • Keep abreast of the latest trends in hotel management.
  • Contribute to improving the balance between hotel companies and their environment.
  • Discover more reasons to course this master.

¿Te imaginas estudiar en un campus que tiene un hotel integrado donde puedes probar todo lo que aprendes?

Esto es lo que ofrece el Hotel Universitario Alimara, ubicado en el Campus CETT, un espacio esencial para el desarrollo de la formación, la investigación y la transferencia de conocimiento en los ámbitos del turismo, la hotelería y la gastronomía.

hotel universitari alimara
Un nou Turisme,

CETT-UB, cuatro estrellas en el QS Stars

El CETT-UB ha obtenido cuatro estrellas en la auditoría de QS Stars de Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), una empresa británica de referencia especializada en el análisis de instituciones de educación superior en todo el mundo. La mejor calificación (cinco estrellas) corresponde a las categorías de Enseñanza y Empleabilidad.

Why study the Hotel Management specialization?

The Specialization in Hotel Management of the Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management of the CETT-UB focuses on hotel business management's essential aspects. Thanks to Operations Management in Lodging, you will learn the operational dimension of the sector. Then you will deal with the strategic dimension, with subjects such as Marketing Management and Economic-Financial Management.


  • You will design memorable experiences to encourage customer loyalty.
  • We will accompany you from the direction and academic coordination of CETT-UB and guide you on your journey towards your personal and professional transformation.
  • Most of our students find jobs upon completion of the Master's degree or become self-employed.


  • The Master's program has English as the language of the course.
  • We want to reach an international and national audience.


  • It is the only Master's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management awarded by the University of Barcelona and CETT-UB with Hotel Management's specialization.
  • We believe in learning by doing so that you can apply your knowledge in real cases, projects with companies, or challenges from the teaching staff.
  • We are the only center with a Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management with its own hotel. The Hotel Alimara, a four-star hotel with 157 rooms.
  • This program is tailored to your needs: choose between two languages (English and Spanish), two modes of attendance (face-to-face or blended learning), two specializations (restaurant management and hotel management). Do not hesitate to ask!
  • Possibility of doing a doctorate.


  • You will be part of a new generation of leaders who integrate tools such as design thinking or the customer journey to lead high-performance teams and respond to the hotel sector's current challenges.
  • The master's degree in hotel management includes team building and soft skills programs, which will allow you to detect your weaknesses and enhance your strengths to generate a change that will allow you to get the most out of your management tasks.
  • An outdoor training program to enhance your skills and generate a change will allow you to get the most out of your management tasks.
  • You will create your professional network with experts in the tourism sector and with your peers to promote your professional career nationally and internationally. Moreover, CETT Alumni's unique network will allow you to connect with more than 19,000 industry professionals.


  • A unique teaching faculty with a renowned and proven career. In parallel, active professionals also participate and contribute their experience through case studies and the analysis of new business models.
  • In our program collaborate, among others, Alex Urgell, Revenue director of Hotel Arts and W Hotels; Esther Comin, former director of several luxury hotels in Barcelona; Esperanza Abascal, HR manager of Six Senses Spa, Hotels & Resorts.
  • During your training, you will visit events and companies in the sector such as Mandarin Oriental, W Hotels, or Pulitzer.
  • CETT-UB has more than 900 collaboration agreements with leading companies: Royal Caribbean, Mandarin Oriental, Melià, Compass, Six Senses Spa, Renaissance Barcelona Hotels, Axel Hotels, W Barcelona and Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona, among others.

What do our master students think?

Danilly Condori Lerpido
The teachers are professionals with a lot of experience

Danilly Condori Lerpido

Master in Hospitality Management, Catering Management Specialization
Jessica Peiffer
All our teachers are real professionals and it's fascinating to listen to their real life stories

Jessica Peiffer

Official Master in Hospitality Management Hotel Management Specialization

What objectives will you achieve with the Hotel Management specialization?

The general objective of the Hotel Management specialty of the Master's Degree in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management is to give you the knowledge and tools to be able to:

  • Extend the essential knowledge to guarantee your success in Hotel Management.
  • Provide the necessary tools and techniques for diagnosing current and future strategic challenges in the hotel sector.
  • Formulate competitive and sustainable long-term strategies.
  • Prepare you to know how to apply more effective management models based on digital transformation and sustainability.
  • Develop your professional, personal, and interpersonal skills necessary to assume leadership positions.
  • Make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalization to market and design hotel industry services.

What competences will you acquire whith this specialization?

  • Design and implement commercial strategies for new business opportunities in the hotel sector.
  • Coordinate and lead the commercial activity in hotel companies.
  • Optimize economic, financial, and human resources.
  • Evaluate investments and make decisions on new projects, managing and controlling the associated risks.
  • Define the necessary policies in line with the strategic objectives of the project.
  • Develop digital skills for business management.
  • Identify, pose, or solve a problem in a relevant and creative way.
  • Be business-oriented.
  • Undertake innovative projects.
  • Exercise leadership.
  • Work in teams and multicultural environments.
  • To have an ethical commitment.


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Fòrum Gatronómic
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english

Centro de recursos

Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Course overview

In the first part, the Master's degree addresses the core subjects in the two specialties to lay the foundations of business management systems specific to the hotel and catering sector. In a second part, it allows specialization in business management through its two particular specialties:

This specialty focuses on understanding the world of catering from a business results-oriented perspective.

Learning takes place through a deep immersion in real cases of leading companies in the market, which provides a very accurate notion of the market and the current challenges.

Subjects such as Product and Service Innovation or Experience Management allow identifying customer needs in particular contexts. Other subjects such as Operations Management or Catering and Collectivities will teach you the latest technological tools to manage and make profitable gastronomic businesses or events.


The curriculum of the Master's Degree in Hotel and Catering Management has a duration of one academic year equivalent to one year.

Delivery of the Master's Capstone Project: The Master's Capstone Project delivery can be done in two exclusive calls (June or September)

Managers, businessmen, hotel owners, entrepreneurs and university graduates

The Hotel Management specialty is a program that responds to the tourism sector's need to attract and incorporate executive profiles. Executives with in-depth knowledge in management and business management to overcome the new dynamics of the accommodation sector.

It is aimed at all those who want to learn the latest techniques and trends or move up the career ladder. But at the same time, they need to improve their knowledge of the management, organization, and planning of accommodation businesses.

The Master's program focuses on four profiles:

  • Executives and professionals holding hotel management positions: The current context requires that professionals in the sector update their knowledge and professional skills. They must be up to date with the latest trends and tools in the hospitality sector.

  • Accommodation business owners and entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and owners who wish to learn the ins and outs of managing and running lodging businesses.

  • Entrepreneurs: People with initiative interested in undertaking and developing projects in this sector. They want to know the keys to success in the hotel business, understand its risks and deepen their business management knowledge and direction.

  • University graduates: People with a university degree and a minimum of two years of experience who want to improve their careers and expand their professional contacts in the hotel industry.

Masters 2020

Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Professional areas

This specialization, with a practical and professional approach, will allow you to develop your career in the following areas of work:

  • Public Administration
  • Travel Services & Transport
  • Hospitality
  • Industry & Operations
  • Marketing & Events
  • Gastronomy & Restaurant
  • Retail & Product
  • Technology
  • Museums, Institutions and Leisure
Cuales son los ámbitos laborales del master de restauración y hoteleria

Career prospects

The main professional opportunities are:

  • Managing director of hotel companies or groups.
  • Head of corporate departments in hotel chains.
  • Head of marketing in a hotel organization.
  • Hotel division manager in business groups.
  • Consultant or trainer for tourist accommodation companies.
  • Entrepreneur in the accommodation and catering sector.

What our alumni says

Isabel Baez

Isabel Baez

SEA Manager Central Europe at AccorHotels (Paris)
Jordi Noguera

Jordi Noguera

Executive Chef & Co-owner, Foc Restaurant (Singapore)
Natalia Mateu

Natalia Mateu

Project Management Office, The Sydney Opera House (Sydney)

How is the methodology of the Hotel Management specialization?

Our learning model is designed to facilitate the analysis and understanding of business management aspects through your active participation in classes, challenges, and projects.

It is based on three pillars:

CBL This study methodology is based on challenge-based learning (CBL). During the course, you will have to respond to real challenges posed by teachers or organizations that are part of the CETT-UB partners network.

Thus, you will provide a concrete solution for a natural environment. Institutions such as Rusticae, Compass Group, Prezo, or Vilaplana, among others, have been part of the challenges to which our students have had to respond.

PBL With project-based learning (PBL), you will tackle transversal projects that respond to a real concrete problem in the tourism sector. In this way, you will develop collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills applied in a natural work environment.

You will visit different organizations and institutions of the sector in Barcelona. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply the concepts thanks to the exposure to real situations from their own managers.

Case studies

You will visit different organizations and institutions in the sector in Barcelona. You will have the opportunity to learn and apply the concepts thanks to real hotel and catering operations from their managers.


The Master does not have final exams. Assessment is based on continuous monitoring by faculty and the program management and the resolution of individual or group written tests, and elaborating assignments throughout the course.

Detail of the program of the Hotel Management Specialization

Total master credits: 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)



Code Hotel Management Credits
Specialty electives 24 ECTS
0580005 Hotel operations management 6
0580017 Events management 3
0580006 Hotels design and architecture 3
0580011 Customer experience management 3
0580018 Cruisers as hotel products 3
Other electives 6 ECTS
0580013 Practicum in hotel specialization 6
0580015 Market research methodology 6
Final project 15 ECTS
0580016 Masters dissertation 15

Master's Capstone Project

The Master's Capstone Project (MCP) (15 ECTS) is the completion of the Master's learning process, where the competencies you have acquired are reflected, as well as their application and development. It is a work of business and or academic application. According to your interests and professional motivations, you will expand some aspects of the chosen specialization.

To obtain this Master's degree, students must pass this integrative subject. Thus, the MCP is an instrument to train our students to analyze tourism problems and facts through research methods based on the identification and use of different variables. It is also an assessment tool for the Master's competencies with a globalizing perspective.

The MCP is individual. You will have to carry out your work under the supervision of a professor where you can choose between three typologies:

  • Applied research projects linked to the CETT-UB Research Groups.
  • Professional application projects proposed by companies and collaborating organizations.
  • Business plans to develop business ideas.

Each project is unique and requires a different approach and attention appropriate to its objectives and subject matter. Your tutor will set the guidelines to follow.

Internship in first-class companies and institutions

During your training period at CETT-UB, you will have the opportunity to do your internship in first-class companies and institutions, to apply and complement the knowledge acquired, and at the same time to promote the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities.

The internships have two modalities:

  • Curricular: linked to subjects of the program you are taking and that are part of its academic curriculum, therefore, mandatory.
  • Extracurricular: not included in the syllabus and are voluntary.

The internships are carried out through university-entrepreneur cooperation agreements and are supervised by expert subject professors.

CETT-UB will help you find the most suitable opportunities for your professional profile and your motivations among the more than 900 requests from companies we receive annually. Likewise, we will help you contact and accompany you in accessing the most attractive companies and institutions to your professional objectives.

As a differential feature to the market, the CETT-UB has its group of companies dedicated to training and offering quality hotel and tourism services so that you can apply this practical knowledge without leaving the Campus:

  • Hotel Alimara
  • Àgora Residence
  • Aula Restaurant
  • Summum Restaurant & Bar

For more information, visit the Career Services, contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.

Get an official title

At the end of this Master, you will obtain the following degree depending on the chosen specialty:

Official Degree University of Barcelona: University Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Code 4311520 of the Universities, Centers and Degrees (RUCT) Registry of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Government of Spain.

BOE. Resolution of November 14, 2014, of the University of Barcelona, publishing the Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management syllabus.

Obtained verification of the curriculum by the Council of Universities, following a report by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya, as well as the authorization of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, and established the official nature of the degree by agreement of the Council of Ministers of September 26, 2014 (published in BOE of October 18, 2014).

Joint Specialization: By taking the Master's degree, you will be able to take, if you wish, a second specialty within the official program. Taking a double specialization will broaden your competencies and help you face a very dynamic and competitive labor market in an even more tangible way. Specialization in Hotel Management by the University of Barcelona and Food and Beverage Management by the University of Barcelona.

You can only do one specialization per year, always respecting the teaching periods.


Meet the teaching staff of Hotel Management specialization



Director of the Master's Degree of Hospitality Management. Coordinator of the F&B Management specialization CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Master in Hospitality Management EUHT CETT-UB
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism Accommodation and Food Service Industries
Area of expertise: Sostenibilidad, Gestión de la restauración
Block/Department: Cocina; Direcció estratègica; Economia i finances; Investigación en turismo, hotelería y gastronomía; Restauración



Coordinator of Hotel Management, specialization CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Master in Business Tourism & Events CETT-UB
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism Accommodation and Food Service Industries
Area of expertise: Gestión de ventas, Comercialización hotelera, Marketing hotelero
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica; Marketing y comercialización


Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Hospitality Management, Hotel Management specialization CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Master in Hospitality Management EUHT CETT-UB
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism Accommodation and Food Service Industries
Area of expertise: Aplicación de sistemas de fidelización, Gestión de experiencias
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica; Economia i finances; Empresas y servicios turísticos; Hotelería; Organización empresas y gestión de las personas



Head of Revenue, EMEA Royal Caribbean Cruises
Bachelor in Business Administration University of Westminster
Block/Department: Hotelería


Marketing Consultant Koncepts
PhD in Communications Universitat Ramón Llull
Block/Department: Marketing y comercialización


Lecturer and Researcher CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
PhD in Economía Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism Accommodation and Food Service Industries
Area of expertise: Economía turística, Internacionalización de la industria hotelera, Economía aplicada a la hotelería
Block/Department: Economia i finances; Marketing y comercialización


Official Guide - Event Organization Autònoma
Master in Tecnología Educativa y Competencias Digitales Universidad Internacional de La Rioja
Block/Department: Empresas y servicios turísticos; Hotelería; Organización empresas y gestión de las personas


Managing Director ABAL Consulting
Bachelor in Tourism, Hotel Management Universidad de Alicante
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica


Global Key Account Manager
Master in E-tourism: Marketing Strategies & Promotion Universitat de Barcelona
Block/Department: Hotelería


Fundadora The Hub - Hotel & Spa Consulting
Master in Business Management EAE Business School EAE Business School
Block/Department: Hotelería


BD CETT Corporate CETT
Master in MBA La Salle - Universitat Ramon Lull
Block/Department: Aprendizaje práctico aplicado


Rooms Division Manager Casa Bonay
Master in Hospitality Management EUHT CETT-UB
Block/Department: Economia i finances


Product Manager Formació Continua CETT
Master in Master in Business Research Universitat de Barcelona
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica; Economía y empresa


Digital Marketing & Innovation. Thinker & Maker. CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Bachelor in Economics Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica; Innovació


Direction and coordination of Masters and Postgraduates CETT Barcelona School of Tourism & Hospitality
PhD in International in Geography, Territorial Planning and Environmental Management Universitat de Barcelona
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism, Culture and Territory
Block/Department: Economia i finances; Empresas y servicios turísticos; Investigación en turismo, hotelería y gastronomía; Turismo y cultura; Turismo y territorio


Innovation and Talent Developement Expert
Master in Human Resources Management ENEB - Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona
Block/Department: Organización empresas y gestión de las personas


Director Europaper - Enric Cirici, SLU
Bachelor in Business Management Universitat Ramón Llull
Block/Department: Direcció estratègica; Economia i finances


Master in Hotel Management & Catering Coordinator, specializing in Catering Management CETT Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy
Master in Dirección de Empresas / Master en Dirección Hotelera y Restauración TEC de Costa Rica / EUHT CETT-UB
Investigation group: Research groups in Tourism Accommodation and Food Service Industries
Block/Department: Marketing y comercialización; Organización empresas y gestión de las personas


Cluster Director of Revenue Management Hotel Arts Barcelona & W Barcelona Marriot International
Block/Department: Marketing y comercialización

CETT at your service

As a CETT student, you will enjoy all the advantages that the center has to offer:

  • Access to the Resource Center for learning and research:

    • The University of Barcelona has an extensive catalog of databases to consult documents, reports, and scientific articles.
    • Have access to CETT's own resources to reinforce, complete, and expand training. All information (both physical and digital) is available in the different spaces dedicated to this function.
    • Free access to the entire digital library of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) resources.
  • As a center affiliated with the University of Barcelona, we enjoy the advantages of being part of the most prestigious university in Spain: UB Libraries - UB Sports Services - We are UB Card

  • Discounts at the University of Barcelona School of Modern Languages. Besides, thanks to the University of Barcelona University Card, you will enjoy promotions on products and services such as opticians, restaurants, technology, pharmacies, accommodation, travel, leisure activities, among others.

  • CETT has different restaurant services, such as the Fòrum or the Aula Restaurant CETT. The Fòrum is a space that favors creativity and cultural exchange among students. It has a varied, healthy, seasonal gastronomic offer that adapts to the day's different times. It is also possible to eat at the Aula Restaurant CETT, an à la carte restaurant with the same characteristics as an authentic gastronomic restaurant.

  • Be part of the CETT Alumni community to be in contact with CETT's extensive alumni network.

Masters 2020

Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english


  • Discount at ÀGORA BCN International University Residence. We are the only higher education tourism center with a student residence to stay here while you study. As a CETT student, you will have unique conditions. Do not hesitate to ask!


Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Residencia Ágora BCN
Photography from: Hotel Management (taught in English) | Hotel Management 100% english
Residencia Ágora BCN

Learning spaces

At CETT we are committed to creating a learning context that consolidates our own training model, with high added value resources oriented to experience, experimentation, sharing and learning, in a unique Campus.

Our students have access to different multipurpose learning spaces: the Eidos Space, La Plaça, the Creativity and Innovation Space, the Computer Classrooms or the Reception Classroom, among others.

In addition, if you are an international student, you will also have access to the International Relations Office, which will help and advise you with the procedures you need.


CETT International support

Because we understand the challenge of living in an environment that is not your own, the CETT-UB Campus offers you the International Relations Office (IRO), as an area designed to provide guidance, advice, and attention to international students during the Master's programs.

Our International Relations team will give you the necessary information related to logistical aspects of life in Barcelona, such as residency registration, the processing of your foreign resident's identity number (NIE), or how to find accommodation in the city.

Procedures related to your academic stay

The IRO team will provide you with updated information on the necessary procedures to carry out once you are in the city. They will provide you with guidance on essential documents such as your foreign resident's identity number (NIE), the official census at the City Council, or your university student card.


If your native language is not Spanish, the IRO team will advise how and where to learn it. They will also tell you where to learn Catalan, facilitating your integration into the city's daily life. Besides, you will strengthen your Spanish through the certified courses offered by our Language Department at CETT-UB. On the other hand, if you want to practice any different language informally, you can participate for free in our language exchange program with CETT students.


CETT-UB is the only higher education center with a residence hall - Agora BCN, with affordable prices for the CETT student community. We also have our four-star hotel, Hotel Alimara, where you and your family and friends can enjoy advantages and discounts.

Support to boost your professional career

At CETT-UB, you have a team of expert professionals who will watch over your professional career from the moment you become part of our community.

We want you to be informed and prepared to achieve the professional goals you have set for yourself. With this motivation, you will find a team of people who will accompany you during the process in a personalized way.

Thanks to the collaboration of the main companies in the tourism sector, you will be able to know and put into practice the most useful tools to access and develop in the labor market.

The service we put at your disposal is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Continuous professional guidance focused on you, identifying your profile's strengths, analyzing your previous experience and training, and supporting us in your main motivations for growth.
  • Our close relationship with the leading players in the tourism sector, built up over more than 50 years of presence in the market, training professionals with highly sought-after skills and values.
  • Design and develop a whole range of activities, spaces for debate, and tools that we make available to you, enabling you to face any challenge you may encounter throughout your professional career.

In this way, we invite you to participate in a dynamic process adapted to your expectations that encompasses the following phases:

Definition of your professional milestones

  • In-depth analysis of your entry profile.
  • Establishment of realistic objectives and monitoring of your roadmap.
  • Guidance in the design and development of your personalized Career Plan.

Design and elaboration of the main tools for the relationship with the labor market

  • Review and correction of resumes and cover letters, adapting the professional objective to the market demands.
  • Letter of recommendation. Students who are in the selection process will be able to count on CETT-UB references.
  • Access to the primary research channels and access to internship and job opportunities:
  • Handling of offers and self-applications. We support you to make your profile more visible to companies and headhunters, giving you references for your application.
  • Application follow-up. We help you to know where your application is in the selection process.

Personalized coaching

  • Guidance on the search for employment opportunities
  • Simulation of job interviews and feedback on the aspects to improve
  • Competency-based interviews and mentoring for those profiles with difficulties in following the job search process or at risk of social exclusion
  • Preparation of presentations for you to learn first-hand about companies' needs to analyze the possibilities of short and medium-term linkage with an organization and exchange concerns with professionals of reference

Networking and Dynamization of activities

  • Corporate presentations during your training period
  • Master Classes oriented to know strategic sectors
  • Dynamics and corporate challenges incorporated into your training sessions
  • Marketplaces and face-to-face/virtual job fairs where more than a hundred companies participate annually in the Campus in the personalized recruitment of talent.

Job Center with exclusive access to

  • Over 900 internship opportunities managed annually.
  • More than 1,500 job opportunities annually.
  • Follow-up of applications submitted
  • Adaptation of customized curricula vitae and cover letters.

In addition, Career Services will help you find and manage the curricular and extracurricular internships that best suit you.

For more information, visit the Career Services area, contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.

Career Services

Career Services integrates a team of professionals that guide and help students throughout their degree and facilitates them contacting some of the best companies in the sector to favour their professional development towards a future job offer.

Being close to old students

CETT-Alumni was born as the CETT-UB Alumni Association on March 1, 1994, as an initiative to offer a service to alumni, a space for personal and professional guidance, and a meeting point for experts in the tourism, gastronomy, and hospitality sector, with the CETT-UB as their common bond.

As an association of CETT-UB alumni, its primary mission is to promote the relationship between them, thus creating a network of professionals. Their shared link is to be CETT alumni.

The main objectives of CETT-Alumni are:

  • To promote the lifelong professional development of its associates at all levels and to favor access to the world of work, professional promotion, and lifelong learning. To foster creating a hub for exchanging knowledge and experiences among alumni, offering them the association as a meeting point in the professional world.
  • To facilitate knowledge and networking through conferences, lectures, colloquium dinners, and expert sessions. CETT Alumni wants to be a center of opinion and influence on the tourism environment.
  • To establish agreements with other organizations, favoring synergies that generate value for alumni.

Àgora BCN International University Residence

CETT-UB is the only university tourism center that has a student residence, the Ágora BCN International University Residence. As a student of any of our degrees you will enjoy exclusive discounts so you can stay here while you study. Ask us without obligation!


Hotel Alimara

As part of our application companies we have our own four-star hotel, the Hotel Alimara. Located at the foot of the Collserola mountain range and within the CETT Campus itself, both you and your family members will be able to enjoy advantages and discounts.

Hotel Alimara


We want to shape the best professionals

That is why to access the Hotel Management Specialization, we encourage you to have the following skills:

  • Have a creative, visionary personality with a marked consumer orientation and endowed with a strategic and international vision of current and future tourism opportunities and challenges.
  • Possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to implement your business projects in the tourism, hotel, and gastronomic sector with guarantees of success.
  • Be empathetic and willing to work as part of a team.
  • To have leadership, teamwork, and project management skills.
  • Possess basic knowledge of tourism business management and research applied to tourism markets.
  • Be aware of and sensitive to sustainable and responsible tourism development.
  • Have a good level of foreign languages, which is a fundamental skill for your good professional positioning and development academically at an international level.

Check the price of the specialty in Hotel Management

StudentsEnrollment FeeUB Fee*PriceTotal Price**

Non-EU citizens

1.775 €710 €10.318,50 €12.803,50 €

EU citizens

1.775 €710 €9.221,25 €11.706,25 €

*The fees of the University of Barcelona (UB) are an amount that the student of an affiliated center has to pay for academic services to the University and is paid at the same time as the registration. This amount is exempt from any type of discount.

** This price is for cash payments. Consult the prices and conditions for other payment methods with our Future Students Guidance Team.

Financial aid




Deductible qualification through FUNDAE

Financial aid

Financial aid

Have you any doubt?

What do I need to access the Master?

This course is for graduates in areas of knowledge from social sciences and humanities, especially those who may have studied diploma and degree programs adapted to the EHEA.

Candidates who do not come from the degrees mentioned above will have to take complementary training courses.

Complementary training

The training complements defined in the Master's Degree are intended to ensure that students who do not come from business studies have a basic knowledge of the concept, structure and particularities of the aspects related to marketing and economic-financial management in the field of hospitality.

The training complements to be completed by students depending on the degree they hold are set out below:

Degree Complementary training
Associate's Degree in Tourism or the corresponding Technician in Tourism Companies and Activities degree No complementary training required
Tourism Degree .
Associate's Degree in Business .
Degree in Economics .
Degree in Business Administration and Management .
*** ***
Associate's Degree/ Bachelor's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics The established complementary training is required; courses belonging to the Tourism Degree at the EUHT CETT-UB.
Degree in Law .
Degree in Labor Sciences .
Any other bachelor's degree .

Courses established as complementary training for the master's:

  • Accommodations Management 6 ECTS – students in the Hospitality Management specialization.

  • Restaurant Management 6 ECTS – students in the Restaurant Management specialization.

  • Economic and Financial Management of Tourism Companies 6 ECTS – students in both specializations.

Total complementary training: 12 ECTS.

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