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Universidad de Barcelona
Program Structure

Program Structure

Call for applications: 05/07/2021


  • Provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully develop the skills required for the design of culinary-restaurant products and services.
  • Ensure proper implementation of an innovative project of these products and services.
  • Analyze experiences, cases and trends in the culinary-restaurant field.
  • Discover where business ideas come from.
  • Analyze consumer behavior.
  • Know how to assess the possibilities of success.
  • Reflect on the aspects that can make a project feasible.
  • Obtain the ability to develop an innovative project with regards to the design of a new product or service for a given market.
  • Measure the customer experience in the development of projects.
  • Learn to generate systems of assessment for the projected innovation.
  • Recognize and identify the competitive spaces in the culinary-restaurant industry, their characteristics and ways in which they develop business.
  • Acquire a broad perspective of consumer behavior as a fundamental basis for decisions.
  • To establish appropriate marketing strategies. Services marketing adapted to the restaurant business.
  • Through a business plan, work on strategies, actions, and means that a business project needs to be more successful.
  • Identify business models of different companies in the culinary sector.


Perspective, Innovation and Product in the Gastronomy Industry

  • The gastronomy industry, a global perspective
  • Innovation in the Gastronomy Industry
  • Product and Service
  • Design of Restaurant Spaces and Culinary Businesses

Management of Culinary Businesses

  • The Consumer in a Culinary Environment
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Organization and Management
3 Week Modality 4 Week Modality
75 hours of instruction 90 hours of instruction
July 04 - July 21 2022 July 04 - July 28 2022