Photography from: Presentation | Official Master in Hospitality Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: October 2021


The CETT-UB Official Masters in Hotel and Catering Management will teach you how to manage and run any type of business in the hotel and restaurant industry from a modern, analytical, responsible and innovative perspective.

This master highlights the importance of being up to date with the latest trends in tourism and the food and beverage sectors and with the latest trends in management. As far as hotel management is concerned, you will find out how to add extra value to an establishment (for instance adapting the establishment’s philosophy to new travelers or empowering their management team with soft skills), how to run the functional aspects of an establishment sustainably (for instance, placing great importance on architectural eco-design and on how to reduce the carbon footprint) or how to optimize management using powerful analytical, marketing and finance tools.

As far as Food and Beverage Management is concerned, students will learn how to design unique food and beverage outlets (with trends such as green food, nutrition awareness or the willingness to consume locally sourced produce, in mind); they will also learn to incorporate green practice in all management areas (for instance, how to identify sustainable suppliers, how to apply waste management regulations into packaging or food reuse) and how to incorporate digital marketing into a company’s marketing strategy (by being present in the most relevant media, establishing links with the foodie fashion, or designing e-delivery strategies).

Don’t miss out on transforming and updating the hotel and restaurant sector by incorporating the latest business leadership and management trends!