Photography from: Presentation | Official Master of Tourism Innovation Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: October 2021


The CETT-UB Official Masters in Innovation and Tourism Management will provide students with a cross-curricular, holistic and international vision of the tourism industry and will teach them how to incorporate concepts like innovation and sustainability in design, management and commercialization of tourist related products.

Mass Tourism, the rise of low-cost travel or the appearance of collaborative tourism services (Airbnb, HomeExchange, Tripadvisor, etc.) have generated challenges that must be solved through innovation. This master will provide you with comprehensive knowledge to learn to manage tourism based on new models (e.g. introducing policies on sustainability and using analysis and data measurements), you will also find out how to come up with attractive narratives that can arise travelers ‘interest (from storytelling to storydoing) and will use the latest technologies to tailor-make travel experiences (augmented reality, immersive visits, interactive mobile apps, etc.).

The CETT-UB Masters in Innovation and Tourism Management provides internships at more than 500 companies from the tourism sector, including the most prominent public tourism institutions, museums and heritage attractions. It also emphasizes the acquisition of managerial soft skills (emotional intelligence, empathy, negotiation techniques, etc.) to help you develop leadership roles.

Unleash your creativity and innovation in a sector that is asking for unique, sustainable and tailor-made proposals!