Photography from: Curriculum | Pre-University Program

Universidad de Barcelona


Call for applications: 04/07/2022


  • Introduction to Tourism Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Cultural Tourism Management
  • Mediation of Cultural Heritage and Tourism


  • Introduction to Gastronomy
  • Culinary Techniques and Preparations
  • Dessert Cooking: Techniques and Formulas
  • Beverage Production and Testing
  • Cocktail Creation Workshop (Alcohol Free)


  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Experience Management
  • Revenue Management


  • Careers & Resume Session
  • Linkedin Elevator Pitch
  • Professional Skills Development


  • Introduction to Digital Business & Innovation
  • Industry 4.0

5-star Hotel Visit

A visit to a 5-star Hotel in Barcelona. During the visit the students will see how 5 stars hotels work, and what are the skills needed to develop a career in this sector.


Visit to Montjuïc Castle

One of the most important touristic sites in Barcelona. An old military fortress from the XVII century , built on top of Montjuïc hill in Barcelona. Students will learn about the management of heritage sites.


Traditional Food Market Visit

The students will visit one of the most traditional and remarkable food markets in the city of Barcelona. They will learn about the fresh ingredients of Catalan and Spanish cuisine.


Visit to Sant Pau Modernist Complex

A breathtaking modernist building, an icon of the history and architecture of Barcelona. A historical hospital which is now one of the most visited touristic sites in the city.


Chocolate Museum Visit

Visit to the chocolate museum in Barcelona. The visit will include a workshop (Chocolate artists) where students will learn the different techniques in which chocolate can be manipulated to make very sweet works of art.


Barcelona City Center Tour

After the welcome session and the orientation, we will walk the most symbolic streets and visit the most iconic corners of the city through a guided visit to the historic center of Barcelona.


Camp Nou Experience

One of the most important touristic attractions for football lovers and FC BARCELONA fans from all over the world.


Day trip to Montserrat Monastery

This iconic place situated only 45 minutes from Barcelona, combines nature, spirituality and history.


Beach Day

We will enjoy a Mediterranean summer day on one of the most beautiful and fun beaches of Barcelona. The beach day will include beach sport activities, lunch, games and group activities.

And so much more...

The safety, security and overall well-being of our students are of an extreme importance to us. Therefore, we implement the following measures to ensure that our students are well cared for and safe at all times:

  • Full Supervision
  • 1 to 10 staff to student ratio
  • 24-hour front reception and maintenance in the residence hall
  • Freedom to explore within limits
  • Designated walking area off campus
  • Buddy system to ensure students never travel alone
  • Clear behavioral guidelines with full student accountability
  • 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Professors or monitors accompaniment during day and evening activities