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DCP/MCP Scholarship in International Business

2023/2024 DCP/MCP Scholarship in International Business

1.1. Purpose:

To sponsor final projects of University Degree or Master's programs of the EUHT ETT-UB that promote research, entrepreneurship, and real projects within the tourism, hospitality, or gastronomy sector, aligned with one of the 17 objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Note: In 2015, the UN agreed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an opportunity for countries to embark on a new path to improve the lives of all, leaving no one behind. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals, ranging from eliminating poverty to combating climate change, education, women's equality, environmental protection, and the design of new cities.

1.2. Recipients:

Undergraduates or Master's Degree students of the EUHT CETT-UB who have enrolled all the credits to complete their degree, including the credits for their DCP in the case of Bachelor's Degree students. Applicants who have passed at least 18 ECTS in the case of a Master's Degree and wish to study in a company/institution/public organization with a branch abroad or away from the student's country of residence (international internship). This implies having to travel for a minimum period of two months to the host country.

1.3. Requirements:

  • Undergraduates must have enrolled in all credits, including the DCP course, to finish their studies at CETT when applying.
  • In the case of Master's Degree students, they must have passed a minimum of 18 ECTS when applying.
  • Have a B2 level in the language of the country of destination.
  • Have demonstrated a strong motivation to carry out their capstone project.
  • Not having been a recipient of any other CETT Foundation scholarship or discount for the 2023/2024 academic year. Otherwise, the amount of the scholarship or the most favorable discount to the student will be applied.
  • The scholarship will only be compatible with the discount for cash payment or payment in two terms.

1.4. Fees and finance:

The overall amount of the grants awarded in this call will not exceed €3,000 (€1,500 for Bachelor's degrees and €1,500 for Master's degrees).

For each of the training programs (Bachelor Degrees or Masters), we will award one grant for destinations outside Europe or two grants for destinations within Europe.

  • 1.500€: Destinations outside Europe
  • 750€: Europe

A 2% withholding will be applied on the amount of the scholarship according to the IRPF Law 40/1998*.

The amount of the grant will be paid by direct bank transfer once CETT has received the certificate from the host company/institution/public organization that the student has arrived.

*La LIRPF califica las becas como rendimientos del trabajo. En consecuencia, las becas que no resultan amparadas por la exención del artículo 7 j) de la LIRPF (EDL 2006/298871), tendrán la consideración de rendimientos del trabajo de acuerdo con el artículo 17.2 h) de la LIRPF) y, como tales, estarán sujetos a retención a cuenta del IRPF. Para el cálculo de la retención se estará al procedimiento general establecido en los artículos 80 y siguientes del RIRPF.

1.5. Candidate Evaluation Criteria:

The following aspects will be considered for awarding the grants:

  • Appropriateness of the DCP/MCP to the degree specialization or Master and the chosen company/institution/public organization and its compliance with CETT strategic objectives.
  • Alignment with one of the 17 objectives of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Applicant's academic record and previous work experience (in the case of undergraduates, candidates must have completed a minimum of two internship periods during their study program, either curricular or extracurricular internships).
  • Assessment of the foreign language knowledge required by the host country.
  • Interest and professional motivation of the candidates.

1.6. Required documents:

DCP/MCP INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS application form, duly completed.

  • The Secretary of CETT will incorporate the candidate's academic record into the documents submitted.
  • For undergraduates, CETT Career Services will incorporate the report on the applicants' internships into the submitted documents. In the case of Masters's, previous work experience will be valued.
  • Professional motivational video of 2' maximum duration. In this video, the candidate will indicate FULL NAME and explain why the DCP/MCP is related to the chosen specialization, the motivations for choosing a given company/institution/public organization/country/destination, and the reasons he/she deserves to receive this scholarship. Both content and delivery will be judged.
  • The mentor of the host company/institution/public organization will have to include a brief description of the intern's project, his/her level of involvement in tutoring the student's work, and will also have to comply with the mandatory follow-up tasks.
  • Upon arrival at the destination, an official proof of arrival issued by the host company must also be submitted.

1.7. Deadlines:

The application must be submitted using this online form. (the form will be activated on the 1st day of the application submission period).

Once the application has been submitted, the Scholarship Committee may request further information from the student if deemed necessary.

Any scholarship application with missing supporting documentation will be rejected.

Period 1 of application (only for Bachelors Degrees): -From November 29th to December 3rd, 2023, in the case of DCP enrolled in the spring semester of the 2023/2024 academic year. In Period 1, if the total amount of scholarships for this call has not been exhausted, a 2nd period will be opened.

Period 2 of application (both for Bachelors Degrees and Masters): From March 7th to 11th, 2024, to carry out the DCP/MCP during the summer.

1.8. Resolution:

The Scholarship Committee, formed by members of the CETT Management, the EU CETT-UB, and Career Services, will communicate to the applicants the resolution at the latest ten days after the deadline for the submission of applications. In case of disagreement with the resolution, applicants may request, through the Virtual Campus of CETT (Career Services), a review to the Scholarship Committee within a maximum of 15 days from the notification. Any request for review after this period will NOT be accepted.