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Scholarship for International University Degrees

Scholarship for International University Degrees 2024/2025

1.1. Purpose

To promote the mobility and internationalization of students studying an international double degree offered by the CETT-UB and universities in different countries recognized for their academic excellence and prestige.

1.2. Recipients

Students enrolled in the EUHT CETT-UB's Bachelor's Degree in Tourism who have obtained a place at an international university with which the CETT has an agreement for the 2024/2025 academic year to study a joint degree.

1.3. Requirements

  • To have studied and passed all the credits of the Tourism Degree up to the deadline for submitting applications. Applications with subjects pending qualification will not be accepted.
  • Be accepted by CETT and the host University.
  • Not have received any other CETT Fundació scholarship or grant for the academic year for which the scholarship is requested. Otherwise, the amount of the grant or discount that is most beneficial to the student will be applied.

The Scholarship for International Joint Degrees will only be compatible with the discount for payment in installments.

1.4. Number of scholarships and financial help

One grant per university of destination will be awarded.

Depending on the destination, the amount of the Scholarship for International Joint Degrees may be as follows:

3.000 €

For Michigan State University (USA)

2.000 €

For JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

1.500 €

For Grenoble École de Management (France)

The amount of the scholarship will be paid by direct debit as follows:

A bank transfer will pay 50% of the amount awarded once the Coordination of Studies of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism has confirmed the student's arrival at the University of destination.

The remaining 50% of the grant will be paid once the Coordination of Studies of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism has the grades of the 1st semester of the credits taken at the destination university.

If the student terminates the agreement before the end of its term or completes the period established in the agreement, the amount of the grant that has been paid will be refunded.

1.5. Candidate Evaluation Criteria

To award the scholarships, the following aspects will be taken into account:

  • Economic and family situation
  • Academic record.
  • Assessment of the foreign language proficiency as required by the host university.
  • Assessment of qualifications and professional experience.

1.6. Required documents

Students must fill in the online application form for the Internaional Joint University Degrees scholarship, which must include the following scanned documentation:

  • Full annual income form from the previous year from all household members eligible to pay income tax. Members who are not eligible to pay income tax must provide an income tax exemption form.
  • In the case of self-employed workers, it will be necessary to attach the document accrediting the results of their activities (personal income tax on economic activities for the last year, the last 4 quarterly VAT returns, etc.).
  • Depending on the household circumstances, documents that can prove special financial status (disability statements, alimony, bereavement allowance, orphan's allowance, tenancy agreement, etc.).
  • CETT Secretary's Office will attach the summary of the academic record up to the date of the deadline for the presentation of the applications for the Joint University Degrees Scholarship to the rest of the documents provided.

1.7. Deadlines

The applicant will have to submit the application using this online form. (The form will be activated on the first day of the application period).

All the necessary documentation must be attached to the application form.

Application period: from 3 to 14 June 2024.

Once the application has been submitted, the Scholarship Committee may ask the candidate, if necessary, to submit any additional documentation related to the application and the possibility of an online interview to provide further information.

Applications that do not include all required documents will be automatically denied.

1.8. Resolution

Scholarships will be granted, considering fulfillment of the requirements.

The Scholarships Committee, comprised of the Economic-Financial Department, Career Services, and Scholarship Management, will notify applicants individually via the Virtual Campus by 28 June 2024.

Appeals to the Scholarships Committee may be done through CETT Campus Virtual (CETT Foundation) within eight days of the notification of the decision. Any appeal after this period will not be accepted.