Events Management (English version) Specialization within Official Master of Tourism Management

Modality: Presencial
Lasting: 1 course (60 ECTS)
Call for applications: 15/09/2020
Languages: English
Tuition fee from: 6170 €


60 European credits (ECTS)

Master's core subject (20 ECTS)

Marketing Management (3 ECTS)

  • The MICE Market.
  • Events as a Tool for Communication and Marketing.
  • Brand Management.
  • Online and Offline Marketing Strategies.
  • Destination Marketing.
  • Customer Experience.
  • Sensory Marketing

Economic and Financial Management (6 ECTS)

  • Asset and Financial Analysis.
  • Economic Analysis.
  • Investment Project Evaluation.
  • Budget.

Strategic Management

  • Decision-making process.
  • Strategy levels, analysis, and determination.
  • Business Tourism and Meetings in the Enterprise Strategy.
  • Strategic Meeting Management.

Master's specialisation subject (20 ECTS)

Experience Management

  • Meetings Architecture and Design.
  • Trends and New Audiences.
  • Engagement and Improving Experience.
  • Co-organization of Events.
  • Design Canvas.
  • ROI Methodology.

Operations Management: Organization and Planning (6 ECTS)

  • Events Planning.
  • Planning a Corporate Event.
  • Briefing, Space Design, Technical Production and Supervision, Plans Interpretation.
  • Associated Events Planning.
  • International Project Management.
  • Outsourcing Management.

Operations Management: Logistics and Control (6 ECTS)

  • Trade Fair Events: Basic Operational Concepts.
  • Convention Centres, Spaces, Agenda.
  • Performance Indicators and Control Measurement.
  • Events in the Hotel Sector.
  • Negotiation, Suppliers and Services.
  • New Spaces for Events.
  • Risk Prevention and Crisis Management.
  • Sourcing & Procurement.

High Performance Teams Management (3 ECTS)

  • Human Resources Management in Events Industry.
  • Leadership and Ethics.
  • Personal and Professional Competences Management.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Coaching
  • Persuasive Negotiation and NLP

Special Events Management (3 ECTS)

  • Macro Events Management.
  • Communication and Public Relations.
  • Sports Events Management.
  • Feasibility and Candidacy: Master Plan.
  • Events Management in the Music Industry.

Key tools for demand management (6 ECTS)

  • Online Marketing: Distribution Channels, Integration with Offline.
  • Tools to Anticipate and Forecast Demand: RMS, CRM, and BI.
  • Management Tools and Optimization of Demand: CRS and PMS.
  • Pricing: Online Pricing Strategies, Dynamic Pricing, Social Shopping, and Auctions.


Master's Final Project (15 ECTS)

This subject aims to enable students to analyze the characteristics and problems of the current event industry through adequate research methods and techniques. Its main objective is to initiate the students into research methodology so that they can successfully plan and develop either research projects or applied projects in real companies of the sector.