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Practical training
Call for applications: September 2021

Practical training

Practical Training, our differential value

We are backed up by over 15 years’ experience. Our modern, personalized teaching methodology focuses on the practical aspect, where the Applied Technology Rooms, the Technical Rooms together with our own hands-on training companies play an essential role. The APPLIED TECHNOLOGY ROOMS, located in the school premises, have been totally designed to build a space for integral hands-on training, a workplace to face real situations, where students under the teachers’ supervision, take on the professional role. Practical classes and lessons take place in these rooms where the running of a real catering business with real customers is reproduced. This methodology enables students to acquire professional skills, as a previous step to their performance at CETT’s own hands-on training companies and other restaurant businesses.

The Kitchen room is the learning space for culinary techniques, for new technologies, a place to develop a cook’s essential skills and competences where students experience the daily routine of a professional kitchen.

Aula Restaurant (The Restaurant) is the most gastronomic space, with an offer conceived and designed always having in mind the students’ learning process, the clients, the season, the product and the latest service trends.

Technical rooms are spaces of technical knowledge transfer.

Room of Senses has been designed to develop sensory perception, working on taste, colour, flavours, textures...

Kitchen Demo Room allows a priviledged view of the professional’s technique and product application encouraging students’ interaction.

The Kitchen Workshop is the space for real training on the stoves, for research and sampling, it is especially intended for R+D.

** The Sommelier Room** is meant for the sensory application to the world of beverages.

The CETT Group own hands-on training companies are Hotel Alimara 4* and Àgora BCN, these are a part of CETT Group but are run autonomously. CETT students can put into practise and enrich their theoretical and practical knowledge and also acquire real experience with the support of the professionals there, since they participate actively in the students’ training and perform an outstanding pedagogical role as tutors. Personalized training is applied to the areas of Kitchen, Restaurant Service (banquets, à la carte, room service) and Accommodation (reception, commercial and housekeeping departments).