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Academic Offer


CETT offers students the possibility to obtain a wide and sound knowledge of the Restaurant business sector, and more specifically, of food and beverage service management. This sector, always in constant evolution, highly regards the professionals who are qualified and trained to respond to its current and future needs.

It also aims at knowing in depth the strategies to manage, design, organize and establish the processes of commercialisation, management and food and beverage service, taking into account the economic objectives, quality protocols and regulations for hygiene, work safety and environment protection applied to the area of restaurant and gastronomic services in any of the different types of restaurant businesses.

The Upper Vocational Studies in Restaurant Business Service Management aim at enabling students to work in restaurant businesses in such positions as owner, head waiter (maître), restaurant manager or responsible for the food and beverage area. Besides the official certificate of vocational studies, CETT’s students can choose a personalized career path which added to the vocational training studies, the internship and the end of studies project, will give them the necessary specialized knowledge to obtain CETT’s Specialization Diploma in Cocktail Making, Commercialisation of Wines and Food. This specialization gives students the possibility to deal much deeper with subjects related to their vocational studies, making them suitable for more specific professional profiles.

The training in the sector workplaces included in the academic programme is the ideal connection with the labour market, allowing the students to acquire experience before they enter this market. CETT’S own project guarantees a personalized career path for each student and guides their professional future in the different types of business according to their skills.