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Universidad de Barcelona


Call for applications: February 2022


The Master's in LGBT Tourism 100% online and in English offers a sequential modular format.

The online methodology of the program is based on the following pedagogical tools:

Combines ideas from the inverted classroom approach with student collaboration and participation in the design of learning activities. It consists of three fundamental phases:

  • Phase 1. Guided pre-study (out-of-classroom learning by students with teacher-selected materials).
  • Phase 2. Learning analysis and adjustment of the session design (review by faculty to adjust and redesign the session).
  • Phase 3. Feedback and assurance of learning (faculty use student responses to contribute to a deeper understanding of content).

Autonomous work on the educational material and training microcapsules available in the virtual classroom proposed by teachers and experts.

MASTERCLASS Through the virtual classroom. Depending on the content, synchronous sessions are proposed to work in a practical and participative way in some subjects.

Come into direct contact with industry experts through participation in talks that address case studies. Professionals with proven track records share their experiences with you and invite you to create debate and promote networking.

The Master offers an optional two-week professional internship in the city of Barcelona. During this period, the face-to-face methodology consists of:

  • Professional visits to organizations: during this stay, your program will include professional and leisure visits such as a visit to Barcelona City Council, the LGTBI Center of Barcelona, Axel hotels, or a visit to Sitges, a classic LGTB destination. All these activities will allow you to understand and experience tourism's reality and its relationship with the LGBT community in an experiential way. You will also build a solid network of contacts you will make the most in your professional career.
    -Teaching seminars: daily sessions where themed and interactive face-to-face classes reinforce the content covered throughout the program. You will also receive visits to the classroom from leaders of the tourism sector and the LGBT community, who will share their experiences with you in the first person.


Assessment is continuous; there are no final exams. You will perform various activities, individually or in groups, which correspond to the topics covered in each subject's modules, which the teachers evaluate progressively. Each activity is assigned a percentage of the final grade that corresponds to the difficulty and time required to complete it.

Overview of the program

The Master is structured in four sequential modules, and each module has a set of subjects; thus, modules I and II have 6 and 9 ECTS, respectively, and modules III and IV have 15 and 18 ECTS, respectively. In total, the program has 60 credits of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) that are completed in one year. Finally, you will present the Master's Capstone Project (MCP), which corresponds to 12 ECTS.

Details of modules and subjects:

Module I: Gender perspective and LGTBIQ community (6 ECTS)

  • Topic 1. LGTBIQ Collective: a social approach
  • Topic 2. Introduction to the gender perspective
  • Topic 3 The LGTBIQ community from anthropology and sociology
  • Topic 4. Generation of knowledge from a gender perspective

Module II: LGTB Collective and Tourism (9 ECTS)

  • Topic 1. Introduction and history of LGTB tourism
  • Topic 2. Impact of LGTB tourism today
  • Topic 3. LGTB tourism and local community
  • Topic 4. Managing diversity and difference in the tourism sector
  • Topic 5. LGTB Tourism Demand

Module III: Destinations, markets, and LGTB community (15 ECTS)

  • Topic 1. Consolidated and emerging tourism destinations for the LGTB community
  • Topic 2. Detection of new trends in the LGTB market: new markets, new products, and destinations
  • Topic 3. Communication and promotion in the LGTB market
  • Topic 4. Successful case studies

Module IV: Tourism products and experiences for the LGTB (18 ECTS)

  • Topic 1. Creativity and innovation in inclusive products
  • Topic 2. Offer oriented to the LGTB community
  • Topic 3. Experiential and emotional tourism-oriented to the LGTB community
  • Topic 4. Future challenges for LGTB tourism
  • Topic 5. Case studies

Master's Capstone Project (12 ECTS)

The writing and presentation of the final project are essential to obtain the degree. The MCP is individual, and each student will be assigned a tutor who will accompany him/her in the work's progress. The MCP has an integrative character that brings together the competencies developed throughout the course. It will be submitted online and will be assessed by a panel of experts.


The Master's Capstone Project (MCP) (12 ECTS) is the completion of the Master's learning process, where the competencies you have acquired are reflected, as well as their application and development. It is a work of business and or academic application. According to your interests and professional motivations, you will expand some aspects of the chosen specialization.

To obtain this Master's degree, students must pass this integrative subject. Thus, the MCP is an instrument to train our students to analyze tourism problems and facts through research methods based on the identification and use of different variables. It is also an assessment tool for the Master's competencies with a globalizing perspective.

The MCP is individual. You will have to carry out your work under the supervision of a professor where you can choose between three typologies:

  • Applied research projects linked to the CETT-UB Research Groups.
  • Professional application projects proposed by companies and collaborating organizations.
  • Business plans to develop business ideas.

Each project is unique and requires a different approach and attention appropriate to its objectives and subject matter. Your tutor will set the guidelines to follow.

During your training period at CETT-UB, you will have the opportunity to do your internship in first-class companies and institutions, to apply and complement the knowledge acquired, and at the same time to promote the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities.

The internships have two modalities:

  • Curricular: linked to subjects of the program you are taking and that are part of its academic curriculum, therefore, mandatory.
  • Extracurricular: not included in the syllabus and are voluntary.

The internships are carried out through university-entrepreneur cooperation agreements and are supervised by expert subject professors.

CETT-UB will help you find the most suitable opportunities for your professional profile and your motivations among the more than 900 requests from companies we receive annually. Likewise, we will help you contact and accompany you in accessing the most attractive companies and institutions to your professional objectives.

As a differential feature to the market, the CETT-UB has its group of companies dedicated to training and offering quality hotel and tourism services so that you can apply this practical knowledge without leaving the Campus:

  • Hotel Alimara
  • Àgora Residence
  • Aula Restaurant
  • Summum Restaurant & Bar

For more information, visit the Career Services area [link], contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.

At the end of this Master, you will obtain the following qualification:

1) University of Barcelona's own degree: Master's Degree in LGBT Tourism.

2) CETT, Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality & Gastronomy: University Master's Degree in LGBT Tourism.