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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Career options
Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Call for applications: October 2021

Career options

The main professional profile is that of Director of Quality and Environment. This position primarily aims at promoting activities aimed at continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational processes and meeting the needs of its stakeholders. This function is defined as the engine of internal change that supports all internal areas in the strategy definition, process development and implementation of actions to achieve excellent results on improving profitability, increasing market shares, and increasing internal and external customer satisfaction. Some of the best output profiles identified are:

  • Vice-chairman/woman and Deputy to Management of Tourism Business who, within their role, develop activities related to the quality and environmental management.

  • Consultant specializing in implementing quality and environmental management systems into business and tourism services.

  • Consultant specializing in operational process improvement of tourist services: definition of working methods, supervision, monitoring and measurement processes through indicators, the design of tools for continuous improvement of processes.

  • Technical advisor for the implementation of quality and environmental management systems for the public administrations, etc…