Photography from: Presentation | Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Call for applications: October 2021


The approval of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the UN made the tourism sector rethink its actions by taking a sustainable point of view and it also made the sector develop new management models which incorporate greater social awareness. This specialization in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism within the CETT-UB Official Masters in Tourism Business Management will turn you into a proficient professional who can incorporate sustainability and corporate responsibility into tourism management in order to align this industry with emerging global business trends.

This master revolves around three crucial axes: refreshing management models of the sector (organizational change, introducing quality control and environmental management systems, etc.); the study of environmental, social and economic sustainable policies available to the different existing types of tourism business as well as the professionalization of the industry’s human resources (training programs about quality and environmental issues, Corporate Social Responsibility policies, tools for managing change, etc.). Other crucial issues for the sector will also be approached, for instance, how to design a business strategy plan that takes into account responsible goals, how to calculate costs using criteria for sustainability or how to promote a business services through green marketing among others.

The specialization in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism within the Masters in Tourism Business Management includes visits to leading organizations and masterclasses which will help you discover how leading tourism firms have incorporated social responsibility into their business model.

Be sustainable and lead the way towards a responsible tourism industry!