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Call for applications: September 2022

Today there is great interest in wine culture. Interest which becomes wider in the restaurant businesses and in the field of gastronomy. The list of quality wine producing areas, formerly restricted to some wines in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, has multiplied exponentially giving rise to a wide and complex range of international offer. On the other hand, the processes of production have evolved thanks to the technological advances introduced in cellars and to the improvements made in viticulture producing standards of a higher quality and new styles of wine.

In this new frame of increasing prominence of wines at a general level and of quantitative and qualitative rise in the demand, it is essential to have experts with a sound training, not only in vine growing and wine making, but also in its commercialisation, preservation and service.

The rules of traditional service have undergone changes according to the new wine glass designing, new guidelines for wine and food matching and better temperature adaptations.

This course is aimed at professionals of the restaurant and catering industry and / or professionals related to the food and beverage sector who want to start or widen their knowledge.