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Salidas Profesionales

Salidas Profesionales

Call for applications: September 2022

Las principales salidas profesionales del diploma se desarrollan en los ámbitos del sector del vino y otras bebidas y son:

  • Sommelier de restaurante
  • Sommelier de tienda especializada
  • Departamento de comunicación de bodegas y empresas de distribución.
  • Sommelier en medios de comunicación
  • Experto/a en paneles de cata y crítico del sector
  • Asesores de empresas relacionadas con el vino y otras bebidas.
  • Formador/a en Escuelas de Restauración.

Galeria Aula Cuina Dolça 02

Aula Cocina Dulce

Aula Cocina Dulce

Aula Cocina Dulce

Aula Cocina Dulce

Aula Cuina Dolça

Aula Cuina Dolça


During your training period at CETT-UB, you will have the opportunity to do your internship in first-class companies and institutions, to apply and complement the knowledge acquired, and at the same time to promote the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities.

The internships have two modalities:

  • Curricular: linked to subjects of the program you are taking and that are part of its academic curriculum, therefore, mandatory.
  • Extracurricular: not included in the syllabus and are voluntary.

The internships are carried out through university-entrepreneur cooperation agreements and are supervised by expert subject professors.

CETT-UB will help you find the most suitable opportunities for your professional profile and your motivations among the more than 900 requests from companies we receive annually. Likewise, we will help you contact and accompany you in accessing the most attractive companies and institutions to your professional objectives.

For more information, visit the Career Services area, contact us by email at, or you can also visit us on the second floor of the Campus.