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Student's of CETT'S tourism cycles participate in the Erasmus + Value Europe Project

Erasmus collaboration

Erasmus+ Value Europe

CETT students from the second year of the Higher Technician in Travel Agencies and Event Management, and Higher Technician in Tourism Accommodation Management, are taking part in the Erasmus+ Value Europe Project, to design and implement a responsible event. Six European schools are part of this initiative, which includes three international workshops in Finland, Italy and Catalonia. This project is an Erasmus partnership for cooperation in the field of vocational education and training, funded by the European Union.

Erasmus anf higher technician courses

In the Erasmus + Value Europe project, participants from CETT and the other international schools will design, plan and implement a "responsible event" in each participating country, after drawing up a feasible plan and budget, establishing networks and finding suitable partners for cooperation, communication and information about the event. Another main objective is to link local communities and schools, which are invited to participate in the event.

Furthermore, the European vocational curricula of the participating vocational schools are linked through a training unit on event management (15 ECTS).

The project also proposes a playful and innovative methodology of learning about Event Management in vocational schools, and lastly will contribute to the expertise in the field of Event Management training, by creating the handbook Finding Value in Events - Event Production in Vocational Education which will be produced along the project in E-book format.

Together with CETT, the schools participating in this project are: Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College (Finland), Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Istituto Professionale per Servizi Alberghieri e della Restaurazione Luigi Carnacina (Italy), Istituto De Amicis (Italy) and Col·legi Badalonés (Spain).

International workshops

Three international workshops will be organised throughout the project. After working collaboratively during the previous weeks through an online learning platform and social networks, the planned event is executed in every workshop:

  • In Helsinki (Finland), in October 2022
  • In Barcelona (Catalonia), in March 2023
  • In Rovigo (Italy), in October 2023

The students participating in the project will become experienced learners in planning and implementing a responsible event for the local community and the selected partner schools.

The aim is to increase the appreciation of the environment by all participants, including culture, nature and local community.

International Erasmus workshop in Finland

The first workshop took place in Helsinki in early October 2022. During this international mobility, students from European schools carried out learning activities on the cultural heritage of Helsinki, visited the Perho Green City Farm and the Baltic Herring Market, attended lectures and presentations on sustainability tools in the hotel industry and on event management in Helsinki.

In parallel, the students completed the design of the event they implemented on Friday 7 October in Central Park, next to the Haaga-Helia Campus. Students from a local secondary school were invited to take part in the events, they participate on awareness-raising activities on the conservation of the natural environment. On the following Saturday and Sunday, reflection and evaluation of the event took place.

The teacher in charge of the project were Rosa Torrico and Isabel Lugo, both teachers at CETT. According to Isabel Lugo, coordinator of the project, "this Erasmus cooperation is a great opportunity for our Tourism students to live a motivating learning experience in an international context, to improve their English language skills, and to reflect on the concept of sustainability applied to Tourism, while they are planning an event with students and teachers from other countries".

The next international workshops will take place in Barcelona and Rovigo (Italy) in March and October 2023 respectively.

Workshop Erasmus
Workshop Erasmus
Workshop Erasmus
Workshop Erasmus
Workshop Erasmus
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