Photography from: Chef Carme Ruscalleda, the 3Cat program La Travessa, and the tourism company Grup Julià are among the honorees at the XXXIX edition of the CETT Alimara Awards. | CETT
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Chef Carme Ruscalleda, the 3Cat program La Travessa, and the tourism company Grup Julià are among the honorees at the XXXIX edition of the CETT Alimara Awards.


The chef Carme Ruscalleda, the program La Travessa, and the company Grup Julià were recognized in the 39th edition of the CETT Alimara Awards. Presented this Thursday at the Night of the Alimara, the CETT Alimara Barcelona Awards recognize projects that over the past year have offered an innovative vision in the fields of experiences, digitalization, sustainability, and applied research in the tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy sectors.

The awards are an initiative of CETT, a leading university center for tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy affiliated with the University of Barcelona, organized together with the B-Travel Tourism Show. The World Tourism Organization and the Generalitat of Catalonia also collaborate on these awards.

Premis CETT Alimara Barcelona

In front of the audience, professionals from the tourism, hospitality, and gastronomy sectors, the following recognitions have been awarded:


Through Experiences:

For marketing and communication projects by organizations that create an inspiring, emotional, and/or motivational experience for their audience or user. 
  • Ajuntament de Figueres, for their project Casa Natal Salvador Dalí.
  • Diputació de Barcelona, for their project Trens Turístics. Barcelona is much more.
  • Puy du Fou España, for their project Puy du Fou, a unique park in the world.
Through Digitalization:

For initiatives outstanding in the application of technologies related to the digital field.
  • Hotelverse, for their project Digital Twins.
  • Casa Batlló & Sofia Crespo, for their project Video Mapping Structures of Being.
  • Telefónica, for their project Imagine ourselves without limits with Lang Lang. A joint project with Ericsson and Musion.
Through Sustainability:

For organizational commitments to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Ajuntament de Santa Susana, for their project Calculation and Verification (AENOR) of the carbon footprint of the tourism sector in Santa Susanna.
  • Catalonia Hotels and Resorts for their project Together we go further.
  • Club de Vela La Ballena Alegre, for their project A sustainable experience, sports events as a tool for environmental awareness.
Through Research:

For applied research that helps address the challenges faced by the sector.
  • EscapadaRural, for their project Observatory of Rural Tourism.
  • Dr. Catheryn Khoo, Torrens University Australia, for Empowering Rural Women Tourism Entrepreneurs in Latin America with Digital Competencies.
  • The Erasmus Knowledge Centre for Film, Heritage and Tourism (FIHETO).


The Three Pioneers Award

The CETT Foundation presents its award for The Three Pioneers. The award, created jointly by the Jordi Comas Matamala Foundation, the CETT Foundation, and the Climent Guitart Foundation, recognizes individuals or institutions that, from any field, have been pioneers and contributed to the development and improvement of tourism in Catalonia. Each foundation grants one of The Three Pioneers awards.
On this occasion, it is awarded to Mrs. Carme Ruscalleda, chef and owner of the Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar.
Born in Sant Pol de Mar in 1952, Carme Ruscalleda has become a leading chef in Catalonia, standing out for her innovation and the preservation of traditional Catalan cuisine, including the healthy aspect. She was the first to achieve 3 Michelin stars and has accumulated a total of 7, receiving the honorary doctorate recognition from the University of Barcelona in 2023.

CETT Mass Media Award

Awarded to the program La Travessa of 3cat, Aguacate & Calabaza Films for giving visibility to good tourism, sustainability, cultural and natural heritage of the country.

Alimara CAT Award

Co-organized with the Generalitat of Catalonia, it is awarded to Cava Bertha for their project of Wine Tourism with virtual reality.
CETT Student Award

Among all the contest entries, the CETT students have distinguished the campaign of the Club de Vela La Ballena Alegre, A sustainable experience, sports events as a tool for environmental awareness.

CETT Special Alimara Award

Awarded to Grup Julià, on the occasion of its 90 years of history and experience in tourism. Grup Julià stands out for its capacity for innovation and adaptation, maintaining the essence of a family-owned company and a vision focused on sustainability. With more than 1,400 employees and an extensive network of collaborators, it is a key player in the sector, recognized for its contribution to tourism and recently incorporated into the Tourism Board of Spain.