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CETT Teaching model

The CETT, training for the future


CETT wants to provide our students with quality teaching in our premises whilst maintaining the safety of your community. Our study programs are based on a unique teaching model which rests upon these key elements:

CETT Through Passion. CETT views tourism, hospitality and gastronomy as social phenomena that connect cultures, communities, people and help enjoy the world’s beauty in its diversity and variety. Tourism is supported by hospitality, by sharing emotions and the aim of bringing happiness to people.

The tourism industry creates life experiences that draw on culture, landscape and flavors that open the doors to emotions, sensations and personal growth.

CETT shares with students the passion and desire to learn about new cultures and new ways to understand the world thanks to tourism, hospitality and gastronomy through learning experiences.

We create experiences that are a spur to learn, innovate and evolve for everybody; we want our sector to be a tool for peace and solidarity worldwide.

CETT Through focusing on students. Students lie at the heart of the learning process; we care for our students ’individuality and personality, their expectations, interests, ambition, potential, abilities and talent.

A differentiated and individual teaching approach helps meet students’ needs and boost their talent, always under constant performance monitoring. This personal approach takes into account students’ personalities and values diversity in the classroom and each student’s contribution.

We are fully committed to both the personal and professional growth of each student.

CETT Through Expert Knowledge. CETT is a 50-year-old leading high education center in tourism and we provide training which is based on:

  • Excellence in training thanks to a highly qualified team of instructors and experts with proven experience in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy (THG).

  • Specialized and up-to-date knowledge in THG thanks to our research groups and Professorship.

  • We have first-hand experience with the sector thanks to CETT’s group of THG companies and thanks to our close contact with the sector, so, we always know what is going on.

CETT is a school of applied studies and therefore, we offer training that incorporates expertise and implements highly valued applied knowledge; as such we also impact positively on the organizations where our students can transfer knowledge to.

At CETT research is we carried out by our professors in cooperation with professionals in the sector as well as with students in order to create expert and up-to-date knowledge in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy with a view to help the industry maintain and boost competitivity through applied research and knowledge transfer. We also foster cooperation between the private and public sectors and establish research agreements with international prestigious Colleges.

We want to contribute to define what Science of Tourism is and aim at incorporating CETT’s vision to this definition focusing on the need for: tourism policies and governance, sustainability and of course, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), smart tourism, digitalization, marketing, ethical behavior, business models, the new economy, etc.

CETT Through Values. We aim at placing an ethical perspective into tourism, hospitality and gastronomy training. This commitment means that our teaching and learning model aims at training people not only professionally but also as persons. This is the reason why CETT incorporates the positive values found in tourism and an ethical perspective, because we want our school leavers to represent our distinguishing values. Values are one of our fundamental pillars as education center.

We train students so they can contribute to the sector by bringing values such as sustainability, hospitableness, respect, care, excellence in service, professionality, and social responsibility. Respect for human rights such as freedom, equality and dignity are also fundamental for us too. This is our watermark and we believe it must be present in everything we do as staff, students and alumni. We want our students to be free, autonomous, reflective and equipped with a critical spirit and heightened social awareness.

The current circumstances have made us prioritize and be aware of health and safety issues. Nowadays, we must be responsible for our individual actions and look after each other. This is the reason why we have made the most of the chance provided by the changes we have had to make to face the upcoming academic year, to exemplify the values we believe are our essence.

Through Active Methodologies. CETT provides a holistic learning experience oriented to lifelong learning training and on incorporating theoretical and practical methodologies and strategies that foster students professional and personal growth.

Our teaching and learning methods are multidisciplinary and provide an active and significant learning experience enriched by our cutting-edge facilities and our highly qualified staff, which will ensure the best learning process. Our multipurpose and interactive rooms provide a pleasant and flexible environment that boosts creativity and teamwork (Eidos Space, La plaça Room, the Innovation Room, the Sensory Room...). Learning at CETT takes place for instance, using real and relevant case studies and with the participation of real experts who will tell you about their ventures. We apply a Learning by Doing methodology based on practical cases inspired on on-site real-life business and scenarios (Alimara Barcelona Hotel, Forum Bar, the Restaurant Room, professional kitchens). Active learning methodologies (such as learning by doing) help improve critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills and cross-curricular thinking.

We integrate learning methodologies and online tools for two reasons: most of our students are digital natives and our personal and professional world combines face-to-face interactions and online activity, particularly because of the extensive use of smart phones.

We offer blended learning, combining face-to-face learning in practical classes with online learning via our online campus which helps learning take place anywhere, anytime; we mix microlearning through mobile technology (m-Learning) and networking, by connecting organizations and leading experts and agents from each sector.

Besides, we offer 100% online postgraduate and tailor-made lifelong learning programs for companies, that allow maximum flexibility and adaptability for both students and companies: students obtain highly sought-after competences by the sector and companies, thanks to our flexible tailor-made lifelong learning programs, can foster and retain talent in order to improve staff’s efficiency.

CETT Through Innovation. We see CETT as a THG innovative hub where all stakeholders take active part (students, instructors, professionals, companies, public institutions), where we all strive to do things creatively, innovating and adding value to come up with a more responsible and sustainable tourism (environmentally, socially, culturally and economically).

CETT is a learning community, a place for cooperative work, for discussion and reflection, for creativity, a place to foster an innovative imprint, where good practice is shared and results transferred into the community and tourism, hospitality and gastronomy businesses and public organizations.

We are a high education center that promotes debate and comes up with answers to current and future challenges faced by tourism and society in general. CETT aims at promoting entrepreneurship to, ultimately, boost innovation in THG.

CETT Through Technologies. Technification and digitalization of society and of THG are increasing the speed of change and have a direct impact on our study programs and our teaching methodologies.

Such impact concerns two areas:

  1. Educationally, there is the absolute need to work on students ‘digital skills and prioritize their digital performance.

  2. From a corporate point of view, the need for school leavers to master technologies required by THG businesses so the later can be competitive.

CETT Through Business Connections. CETT’s international rapport with the tourism, hospitality and gastronomy sector is based on a mutual commitment to foster students’ talent. More than 900 companies collaborate on our study programs by implementing work placement schemes, mentoring degree or master’s capstone final projects and participating in teaching and research. This rapport helps us identify the real needs of the sector which we then incorporate into our study programs.

This close relationship with both the private and public sector increases employability and boosts our school leavers professional careers.

Our group’s companies reinforce our rapport with the sector and our own role since they give us first-hand insights into corporate reality and its evolution.

CETT Through Diversity. As a leading center, CETT promotes, fosters and supports internationalization initiatives for students, instructors and researchers to ultimately give answers to an increasingly global and multicultural industry.

We give learning an international dimension that can help understanding worldwide phenomena and trends by appreciating diversity and strengthening values such as tolerance, respect and solidarity.

Our international network bolsters exchange study programs, joint study programs and double degrees.

CETT Through Community. Our community is supported on shared values by all our staff in all areas as well as by our student community and our alumni.

We want to establish a lasting relationship with our alumni, both professionally and personally. This is the reason why we provide tailor-made lifelong learning tools and services, consultancy services and the services of our Career Services department.

We aim at creating and maintaining a feeling of belonging amongst students and alumni towards CETT and we will do so by reinforcing our professional network by sharing a common passion: a unique way to understand the sector and our shared values.