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CETT-UB offers the only official Master degree of Research and Innovation in Tourism available in Barcelona

The only official Master degree of Research and Innovation in Tourism available in Barcelona. Students will have the possibility to continue their academic training in the field of tourism research and follow related doctoral studies.

The Master in Innovation in Tourism Management of CETT-UB will be the first postgraduate programme with a clear research orientation, without discarding the professional side. The study programme will consist of subjects which will be enriched simultaneously: the student will be in the heart of the research process and at the same time will be able to acquire the knowledge and abilities needed for a succesful professional career.

The structure of the Master Degree follows three lines of specialisation meant to develop the student's innovation abilities:

The tourism management of urban destinations. The objective is to create experts in the assessment and management of tourism resources in an urban setting. It stimulates and developes the abilities related to the policies of planification, mobility and urban development, based on the sustainable growth of societies.

The tourism management of the cultural and natural heritage. As an answer to the need for the education and training of a new type of specialist: the Educational Heritage Mediator. This specialist's main responsibility is directed at the involvement of tourism agents with those from the world of patrimony and culture and to satisfy each player's needs and to reinforce their cooperation.

The management of the culinary and gastronomic heritage. An up-to-date reaction to the fast growing demand for professionals who fully understand the concept of gastronomy as an innovative and creative opportunity; specialists who are able to respond to the new trends and continuous changes that occur in the culinary world. The consumption behaviour of today and tomorrow and in particular the activities at the crossroad of leisure and tourism, with the assessment of the culinary and gastronomic resources, the creation and development of products and services of the interrelated leisure and tourism sectors.


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