Postgraduate degree in Revenue Management and Digital Marketing

Modality: Online
Lasting: 1 course (30 ECTS)
Call for applications: 14/10/2019
Languages: Spanish

Methodology and assessment


This course is developed through an online education methodology. In this category, the training of students is focused on their individual needs and required knowledge.

Therefore, online education has a high degree of flexibility regarding time management, which allows participants to adapt the course to their needs, always taking into account its academic requirements. The virtual campus is a digital space where students will put their knowledge to work. During the course of the postgraduate degree, participants will be counting on a personalized tracking of their progress and constant support of the teaching staff. Furthermore, the lecturer is the main responsible for the students, and will help them advance in their training, guaranteeing that they make the most out of the course.

This methodology allows the student to progressively better their training and acquire the skills to become a professional that will provide answers to the main challenges of the industry and the market.


The course is evaluated through a system that requires participants to submit papers that prove the progressive acquisition of knowledge and the ability to implement it in case studies.