Photography from: CEO  Statement | CETT-UB
Universidad de Barcelona

CEO Statement

Maria Abellanet i Meya CEO del CETT


Dear all,

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to CETT. We are about to start a new year which will be part of an exciting life prospect, full of new landscapes, ways to learn and unique experiences and at CETT we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

CETT provides you with the best environment to learn and train, to gain experience, a place where you will live enriching experiences both personally and professionally. You will meet new class mates you will share a lot with, but I strongly encourage to try to meet students from other vocational courses, degrees or masters as well as your instructors, so you can make the most of their knowledge and expertise.

CETT backs an ethical perspective in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy training. Our commitment translates into training people, not only experts, and this is the reason why, learning at CETT incorporates the positive values of tourism and an ethical approach to the trade’s professions; we want our school leavers to reflect our unique values.

All our students are the core of our existence and we are fully committed to you: we work so you can acquire all the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the future so you can face forthcoming challenges and adapt to changes. In the present circumstances, we will continue to do so by following strict safety protocols: we will constantly watch over you to safeguard the health of the whole CETT community.

This new academic year will provide you a unique chance to grow and get acquainted with other areas of expertise. CETT is connected with the sector, top experts and leading partner companies: dare to make the most of everything we have to give you at CETT. This is a one in a lifetime opportunity.

Education is fundamental and nowadays it is much more fundamental than in the recent past: you will be equipped with the necessary tools to grow in the area you are passionate about and you will be able to play a vital role in the transformation process the sector is already experiencing.

You are part of the CETT family and of the great community it belongs to; CETT will always be your home, even after you leave university and have become a professional. You can always trust us.

All the best for this year and welcome to CETT!

Maria Abellanet i Meya CEO

September 14th, 2020