Photography from: CEO  Statement | CETT informa sobre Covid-19
Universidad de Barcelona

CEO Statement

Photography from: CEO  Statement | CETT informa sobre Covid-19

Dear all,

These are extremely hard times, and first of all, I wish that you and your loved ones are well and that you are doing your best to stay safe and help others stay safe too.

These exceptional circumstances require adaptation and finding new ways to continue with our everyday life whilst being far away from colleagues and students. At CETT we do not falter. That is why we strive to continue to be in touch with you using those online tools which can help us getting closer to each other and continue learning to attain your course objectives.

The whole of CETT’s team continues unite, to achieve our main goals: train you and accompany you along this crucial life period. Our moral responsibility and firm commitment towards you drive us to do our best to guarantee that you can acquire the personal and professional skills that you will need to grow and adapt to the everchanging scenarios of the present and the future. Skills, abilities and attitudes which will give you an edge and will help you through life.

I strongly encourage you to continue studying and working with the commitment, dedication and strong will that has been living proof of your capacity to adapt and overcome adverse circumstances. I am totally convinced that after this, we will all be stronger, personally and as an institution; I am also convinced that this exceptional situation will become an opportunity to find new ways to bond, learn, work and make a difference.

You can undoubtedly count on CETT’s team, which is our pillar. We are all working to win the battle against uncertainty and more than ever, mutual support and trust are greatly needed. This is why, I would like to warmly thank you all, students, teachers and all our staff for your effort into adapting with proactivity and resilience, to these testing and, only a few days ago, unforeseeable circumstances.

At CETT we understand teaching as a transformative process through experiences. We are a big family, made up by each one of us, and this sum makes this transformative process possible. Thanks for actively taking part in it.

Keep it up!

Maria Abellanet i Meya PhD.


2nd April 2020