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"The Master's Degree in LGBT Tourism bridges a gap for the first time worldwide"


Núria Abellan Calvet is the coordinator of the Master in LGBT Tourism at CETT-UB. The first edition of the master started last month. The objective is to train reflexive and critical professionals capable of understanding the particularities of the LGBT community from the acquisition of updated and specialized knowledge to manage companies and destinations more inclusively and without discrimination.

Master to transform tourism

Who is this master's degree aimed at, and what professional opportunities does it offer?

This program is aimed at anyone who works or is interested in working in the world of tourism. This program's vision to people who want to join or are already working in the tourism sector involves getting to know and rethink this sector in-depth to transform it. For this reason, the master's program is open to people who are interested in tourism from the LGBT perspective, people who wish to apply their knowledge in both the private and public sectors, as well as those who want to venture into a specialised activity in the LGBT community and tourism. Therefore, the career prospects of this master's degree are wide-ranging, such as entrepreneurship, consultancy, advising in specialised companies, training, research, creation of products and experiences, and tourism management in tourist destinations, among others.

Why is a master with these characteristics necessary?

The Master's Degree in LGBT Tourism fills a gap that urgently needs to be bridged, and it is the first time this has been done worldwide. Thus, this Master's aims to bring together the current and scarce knowledge about the LGBTQ community in tourism. We know that tourism is currently not the same for everyone. It includes discrimination and violence towards various groups, such as the LGBTQ community, as a whole and individually. Therefore, compiling the current state of this subject also allows us to identify the lack of knowledge and work to build it. This program has the vision to transform tourism and raise awareness among present and future professionals to make this sector diverse and welcoming to all.

Why a Master's Degree in LGBT Tourism and not LGBTI, LGBTQ or LGBTQ+?

The acronyms used to refer to the community are multiple, changing according to the area, the language, the age of the people who use it and the context, among others. This program is called Master in LGBT Tourism, and it is intended to be a temporary name. Currently, in tourism studies, there is very little knowledge about the community, and most of it refers to gay men and a lesser extent, lesbian and trans women. There is very little scientific and grey literature that considers the experiences of intersex, queer, asexual and gender-fluid people. That is why we have chosen the name Master in LGBT Tourism as a temporary name, to begin to build knowledge and to be able to expand its acronym.

Online master

What methodology is used?

It is a course that students can follow with total flexibility. It is an online master without synchronous sessions. The program is divided into four large thematic blocks, which we call modules, which in turn are divided into themes. Students will find different learning methods within each topic, such as textual and audiovisual documents of various types. In addition, multiple assignments must also be undertaken, intended to provide a basis for the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

What does the involvement of the Barcelona City Council contribute to the master's program?

Barcelona City Council has been a crucial partner in creating this master's degree, as it has wholeheartedly supported the initiative. This collaboration is part of the shared desire of the Barcelona City Council and CETT-UB to commit to the creation of knowledge and training programs that lead the transformation of tourism to become a sector that places equality and diversity at the core. In addition, Barcelona City Council has enabled access to the Grup Treball Turisme LGBTIQ+, which will gradually boost future editions of this master's degree. Through the City Council and this working group, we have also been able to get in touch with many companies in the city that work to position LGBT tourism, so it has become an essential vehicle to connect academia, public institutions and private institutions.

Is it possible to do internships?

One of the many objectives of this master's degree is to look to the future to create a network of professionals who have experience and knowledge about LGBT tourism. CETT is constantly working on expanding the network of professionals who can offer internships and job offers to its students.

Núria Abellan Calvet
This program has the vision to transform tourism and raise awareness among present and future professionals

Núria Abellan Calvet

Coordinator of the Master in LGBT Tourism