Que es el CETT


 1969 CETT is born
 1969 The Ministerio de Información y Turismo awards CETT the title of “Legally recognised non-official centre of Tourism Education”.
 1970 The first course of TET (Technician in Tourist Companies) is given.
 1980 The first course of TEAT (Technician in Tourist Companies and  Activities) is given.
 1983 Viatges Century, travel agency
 1984 1st Premis Alimara ceremony
 1990 Affiliation to the Official School of Tourism of the Generalitat de  Catalunya.
 1993 Establishment of the CETT Hotel School in the Hotel Plaza.
 1994 Founding of the CETT Former Students Association.
 1995 Opening of the Hotel Alimara.
 1996 Inauguration of CETT’s new installations in Vall d’Hebron
 1997 Approval of Diploma Studies and affiliation to the University of  Barcelona.
 1997 Authorisation to officially provide vocational training courses in Hotels and Tourism.
 1999 CETT is awarded the Plaque of Honour of Turisme de Catalunya.
 2000 Creation of the FUNDACIÓ GASPAR ESPUÑA-CETT.
Certificate of Distinction in guarantee of environmental quality  awarded to the Hotel Alimara.

1st School- Business Encounter in CETT.

 2002 Certification ISO 9001 for EUHT CETT and Certification ISO 14001 and EMAS for environmental management for the Hotel Alimara.
 2003 Opening of the Restaurant Naturalment-e
 2006 Opening of Àgora BCN – International University Residence.
 2008 Creation of the CETT-UB Business Council.

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