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Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Program and subjects
Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management

Program and subjects

60 European credits (ECTS)

Master's core subject (20 ECTS)

Marketing Management (5 ECTS)

  • Marketing Plan.
  • Commercialisation and Distribution Channels.
  • Revenue Management.

Strategic Management (5 ECTS)

  • Design and Implementation of Strategies for Catering Companies.
  • Development of Business Models.
  • Initiative and Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Management of People and Organizations (10 ECTS)

  • Cultural Diversity, Ethics, and Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation.
  • Personal and Professional Developement, Motivation to Work.

Economic and Financial Management (5 ECTS)

  • Economic Management of the Revenue and Cost Centres.
  • Budget and Management Control.
  • Fundamentals of the Financial Analysis.
  • Investment Evaluation in the Catering Industry.

Specialisation subjects (12 ECTS)

Innovation in Food Service Products (3 ECTS)

  • Trends in Food Service.
  • Commercial Analysis.
  • Neuro-Gastronomy and Disruptive Innovation.
  • Sustainability in the Restaurant Industry.

Restaurant Design and Architecture (3 ECTS)

  • Production Systems,Food Safety, HACCP.
  • Experiential Space Design.

Experience Management (3 ECTS)

  • Experiences as a Differential Value.
  • Developing Projects and Tools for Improvement.
  • Customer Analysis and Needs Satisfaction.

Catering and Groups (3 ECTS)

  • Events Management.
  • Airplane Menu Design.Cuisine Planning for Specific Groups.

Practicum and Market Research

Master's final project (15 ECTS)

This course aims to enable our students to analyze the catering sector in its entirety, from its structure and trends to the study of different business strategies through the research and technique methods appropriate in each case. It seeks to initiate the student in research methodology so that he/she can successfully plan and develop research in a particular aspect of the field of Catering. Likewise, it also encourages the student to develop a Business Plan and/or develop application and transfer projects in companies or public entities in the Tourism sector.