Photography from: Introduction | Master in Catering Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Specialization within Official Master in Hospitality Management


The Catering sector, within the general field of the Restaurant industry, is the fastest growing in recent years. This fact creates the need to adapt and to train managers and professionals for a changing market by setting new management styles adapted to different market groups: health, education, business, and the restaurant industry for leisure.

Every time, more and more people eat out, so the food supply and health of these centres is of great importance, it is also essential to ensure the quality and variety of menus, having improved their quality in recent times.

This master is specially designed for participants to meet the challenges and opportunities that entail the introduction or career promotion in the commercial restaurant industry and for groups, both in full expansion. It addresses key success factors of business such as quality, price, safety, cost control, and suppliers management, among others, and gives participants the key managerial skills for proper development and implementation.

The team of lecturers, made up by professors and experts in this type of Restaurant industry, coming from the best companies in this sector, provide knowledge and more innovative and effective practice.