Photography from: Presentation | Cocktails and Mixology Higher Diploma
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: 12/01/2021


Mixology has experienced a significant growth in popularity over the past few years because of factors such as the introduction of new techniques and ingredients in haute cuisine , and new consumer trends and fads which have made cocktails and mixed drinks more available to the greater public. This new scenario has certainly shaped new consumption habits, given birth to more specialized outlets (with the help of rankings such as the World's Best Bar), and at the same time, has created the demand for expert professionals, with specific knowledge and skills in the area of drinks, food and beverage and restaurants and cafeterias.

This CETT-UB Higher Diploma in Cocktails and Mixology is a taught course in its entirety and provides students with all necessary resources to become an expert _ bartender and mixologist _ and with the key skills to run a cocktail bar ; you will learn about the origins and the evolution of the sector, and about being a bartender or barista; you will be able to analyze the main features of different types of spirits, liquors, mixers, juices, syrups, ice, coffees, infusions and other worldwide known ingredients and elaboration methods as you learn how these interact; you will also learn to master both traditional and avant-garde techniques in mixology as well as other pertinent techniques from areas such as avant-garde gastronomy or wine tasting; you will discover the art of decoration, the international recipe book and the great names of modern mixology as well as concepts such as flair, free pouring, tiki cocktails, etc. You will also know what the World Class Competition or FIBAR are, and much more!

You will also put into practice organoleptic testing methods , sensory tasting or neurogastronomy, identify utensils, equipment and technology applied to mixology and you will learn and improve your flair moves to develop your own personal style and to create new cocktails bearing the latest trends in mind.

Our CETT-UB Higher Diploma in Cocktails and Mixology will provide you in one year with sound knowledge of the sector. This course will enable you to develop skills for running holistically and strategically a cocktail bar , i.e. practical design and esthetics of space, menu design, suppliers selection, produce selection, purchase and stock management, food costs, marketing tools, team leadership and management and last but not least, you will also find out how to become a _ brand ambassador _ for drink brands. Besides, you will acquire the necessary tools to create a sound cocktails offer for establishments, catering services, events, MICE events…

As far as bartending is concerned you will learn all its key concepts and be able to boost your image and presence as a bartender as well as learning how to deal with bar customers and meet their personal demands.

Learn the key skills to become the bartender, barista and bar manager of the 21st Century; a connoisseur of the latest trends in drinks consumption. Become a specialist in elaborating and serving first-class drinks, mixed-drinks, cocktails and coffees. Develop your own style and create, innovate, undertake and manage your own cocktail bar** in an area of increasing reputation!**