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Methodology and assessment
Specialization within Official Master in Business Tourism Management
Call for applications: October 2021

Methodology and assessment


CETT-UB is committed to the new paradigm of competence-based training, according to the new model of the European Higher Education Area. We have a learning model whose learning objectives, content, training methods and assessment systems are based on the development of competencies considered essential, according to our experience and our industry needs.

The continued involvement of students in classes, their constant provocation by reflection exercises and the resolution of practical work provides students with the necessary skills for their career success in each of the specialities.

The master is made with individual and group work sessions and its further analysis and discussion in class. Some of these sessions will be conducted to share experiences of students in the three specialties because of the cross-cutting of their nature. Through these sessions, the group will get enriched through the exchange of different views that can be generated under the three areas of specialization.

Likewise, simulation exercises and role-pla will be performed to acquire skills that they will later implement into tourism enterprises as managers of Quality and Environmental Systems, the Human Resources area, Marketing or Sales.

Outings to the places of application will be conducted in order to have direct contact with the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Also, visits will be conducted to organizations with management models of interest in accordance to the predetermined content in the relevant modules.

The participation throughout the master of the best companies and leading organizations for excellence in management will provide varied and enriching viewpoints to the students with unique and innovative practice.

Outdoor training

The "Outdoor Training" activities are actions in which formative experiences make an important part of the learning model serving to enhance multiple skills among professionals such as creativity, leadership, strategy, teamwork, negotiation, resource management, work in critical situations, adaptation to change, productivity improvement and ultimately continuous improvement.


In order to ensure a successful learning model, the master in Strategic Management of Tourism Business provides students with the possibility to develop their skills through a formative assessment programme based on the rules of official master programs of the University of Barcelona adopted for the self-learning quality and development, prioritizing the criteria for continuous assessment, during the different modules.

The assessment of the student's learning is made out of continuous follow-up by different teachers in reference to:

  • the performance of written evidencecarrying out practical activities of cases introduced in the classroom.
  • the synthesis and analysis of the reading of books pointed out by teachers to broaden the student's knowledge on some subjects of the modules.
  • the participation in the classroom with the implementation of real cases and role-play.
  • customized tutoring.