Photography from: Presentation | Postgraduate degree in Wedding & Social Event Management
Universidad de Barcelona
Academic Offer
Call for applications: 27/09/2021


The events sector is paralyzed and in awe because of the COVID-19 crisis; but, luckily the pandemic will not last forever. A few months ago CWT Meetings & Events pointed at a worldwide growth of 8% to 10% of the events sector in Spain for 2020; it is believed that as soon as the health crisis is under control, by 2021 there will be a regrowth caused by the necessity to resume events which have been cancelled or postponed.

Social events such as weddings may experience a boom because of the need to reunite with friends and relatives and organize gatherings with that purpose; that is why wedding and social planners can be crucial for the success of such gathering under these pressing circumstances.

Taking all this into account, CETT-UB and the events communication group Wedding Media International have designed a Postgraduate Course in Weddings & Social Events Management. This partnership between two leading names in their respective areas (an events firm and a Tourism Management School) helps us provide the best training in wedding and social events.

This Postgraduate Course will provide students with a sound knowledge of the wedding industry and of other social events (baby showers, birthday parties, school graduation parties, etc.) starting with their design and conceptualization of the customers 'requirements and the latest trends, and ending with the planning, organization and execution of events in a professional manner. Besides, the course program incorporates last-minute updates on how the sector can face COVID-19 related challenges and the post COVID-19 reality.

Simultaneously, the study program will help you come up with your own personal watermark and will guide you in the management of your events company. You will learn about topics such as experience management, marketing strategies, design tools such as moodboards or innovative methodologies in design thinking. The program will also help you be up to date with the latest trends in fashion, decoration, or space design.

Besides, you will have the unique opportunity to attend the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and take part in the visits program in the wedding sector (flower decorations, designers' ateliers such as Rosa Clarà's or Santa Eulalia, and other iconic establishments ); you will also take part in the masterclass program delivered by top experts on areas such as gastronomy or stress management. You will be able to attend these events during the optional one week of lecture sessions which takes place in Barcelona*.

Become a true wedding and social events expert and dare to design extraordinary events for customers from all over the world!

*Face-to-face week from: 04.22.2021 to 04.30.2021 (subject to the recommendations of the health authorities)