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Universidad de Barcelona
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Why Choose this postgraduate degree

Why Choose this postgraduate degree

  • You will learn key tools and techniques to design, plan, organize and execute events professionally and making them unique.

  • It will help you boost your business idea: if you are dreaming of becoming a professional wedding and social events planner you will learn how to leave your personal trademark with the help of an expert team in entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • It will open the doors to a sector which is on the rise.

  • It is the result of a partnership between CETT-UB and Wedding Media International, a specialized firm in weddings.

  • You will have the chance to learn from leading professionals such as Vicky Luján, Carlos Furtado, Priscila Llorens, Mireia Tubau (Barcelona Turisme Weddings) or Rosa Oliva (WMI) among others, all of them with firsthand experience in the weddings sector.

  • You will be able to attend the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and take part in the visits program in the wedding sector during the optional one week of lecture sessions which takes place in Barcelona (though the 2020 edition has been cancelled you will be able to attend on April 2021).